Back to Spence’s Bazar…

Just this past week, for the very first time since I had begun my job as a food service cleaner for Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware (I had originally said that I am a food service worker, but since I have now mis-corrected, the name of my position is now food service cleaner), I went to Spence’s Bazaar right in the heart of the capital of the first state; gee, it is sure a joy to visit that place again, and I was expecting to see all of the familiar ol’ haunts that this bazaar has, but when I got there that one morning, I found out that some of the stores there are still closed and have not yet opened. However, I did get to visit that Amish food court, and that is where they have all of those baked goods and stuff…

It is also a real pleasure to watch all of those Amish bakers again, as they bake all of the original stuff that they offer, and I also got the chance, finally, to look at the pretty donuts that they make. Long before I had this job in which I am working now, I would pay a visit to Spence’s Bazaar at least twice a week, or I would just visit there once a week; While most food companies would just simply mass-produce processed food, the Amish at the bazaar would simply make, bake, and sell food that would make any hungry food fanatic who would taste them feel like the fact that this food would taste like home.

Now, not only does Spence’s Bazaar sell food, they also sell knick-knacks, T-shirts, old, worn-out items, and electronics of all sorts; If Delaware Today magazine is listening, then maybe they should give those people of Spence’s Bazaar a “Best of Delaware” award!

I do not have any idea if I would ever have that chance of visiting Spence’s Bazaar again, but if that chance ever happened again, then I shall have that joy of visiting that very special place all over again.

Sweet-Ful Springtime Lemon-Lime Ideas!

 Come March 20th, the season that is ever-so-beautifully known as spring shall very well be here; There happen to be so many things that symbolize the season of spring, such as the daffodil and the singing bird, but can you imagine the lemon? Yes, the lemon happens to be one of the symbols of spring as well, but not only that, I am thinking that the lime is joining along with the lemon on the springtime fun!
With that said, the lemon and the lime are the citrus fruits that just so goes together; When it comes to making springtime desserts, there is something magical about those flavors. I have carefully selected a few of those dessert ideas that are flavored with lemon and lime, and somehow both! They are all through the courtesy of Pinterest (

Like I said, the lemon is a citrus fruit, but whoever said they could also be great in a candy dish, too? Well, make the lemon slices candy, dip some white chocolate, and you’ve got: White Chocolate Candied Lemon!
Cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but there happens to be one cake that’s as buttery as it is ever-so-fruity, ‘cause it’s got lime flavored with it: Key Lime Butter Cake!
Almost everybody just LOVES lemon pie (and who doesn’t?!), but it’s even more heavenly then this pie idea is topped with white chocolate!
Now, if this delectable treat isn’t called a lemon-lime layer cake, then what is?!?
And lastly (but not leastly), here is a yummingly scrumptious bar idea that’s as gooey as any dessert, and do you know what else?! It’s chock-full of lemon goodness: Lemon White Chocolate Gooey Bars!




GOALS .jpg
(Illustration by Jenn Webster)

     I had just bought a book that consists of 300 writing prompts; One of those prompts was this: “Write about three realistic goals you would like to achieve in your lifetime.” Well, in actuality, I have those three goals, and that would be this: To keep my mind focused on the job in which I had gotten last year, which, as I have addressed to many a reader who has read my blog for the past 6 ½ years, happens to be a food service cleaner for a company called Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware; If I want to have enough money so that I could live in my own apartment as well as somehow be able to drive a car, then my goal would be to keep my eyes fixed on my job. If I do a poor job on it, then I would end up getting fired, and then THAT would be a most terrible thing, and then I would have to start job searching all over again.
Another goal would be to write another book, but this time, it would not be just an eBook-It would be a print book, too, and that is something that I would very much like to have my mind set on once I leave WordPress and blogging near the end of June (Again, as I have stated before, I shall announce the exact date in a later post). Last summer, I had done a pretty good job on keeping my mind focused on writing goals, such as doing a special series on Chicago TV legends; Now, due to the announcement that I am ending my blog and leaving WordPress in a few months, I would not be doing any more special series on any topic or subject. However, I will be doing special posts in which I would be writing about things that have made my blog so very special in the past 6 ½ years, so keep your eyes peeled for those…

     Lastly, there is one other goal that I do, and that is doing a podcast: I had just started the second season of my podcast, KALEIDOSCOPE Time, over at the podcasting website,, and this new season has a different episode every week in which I shine the spotlight on a certain subject; If you would like to take a listen to my podcast, then please head on over to I am beginning to love doing this podcast as I think almost anyone. Now, as far as next season goes, I do not know yet if this podcast is going to be retooled as a standalone podcast and not based on anything, but I am planning on doing that kind of task.

     In the next month, I shall be writing the next-to-last SWIRLING COLORS newsletter over at Tumblr (; Now, as most of you bloggers and blog followers out there who have been with me for the past 6 ½ years have already known by quite now, SWIRLING COLORS is a companion blog to this very blog in which you are reading right now, KALEIDOSCOPE. Now, I do not have any plans as of yet if SWIRLING COLORS is going to be re-branded into a standalone blog and/or the name would be changed once I leave WordPress in June, but I am working on it, and it is too early to announce anything; As the coming months go by and that I would be figuring out what would be next concerning the future for my soon-to-be-former companion blog as well as my podcast, then I shall be the one to announce these things to you.
In the meantime, I am guessing that it is going to be a very productive week ahead for me…


My First Cousin Turns 30…

LUCKY 30.jpg
(Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

The month of March has been full of birthdays for people, but I think that this week, there happens to be a birthday to celebrate for someone in our family…
This week, my first cousin is going to turn 30 years of age-Can you imagine that? It has been thirty years since my first cousin has been born to my uncle and my aunt in the year of 1989, and it is true that the saying goes that funny how time flies when one is having fun, or something else entirely like that…
Now, besides the fact that my first cousin is turning 30 years of age, he has been through a lot of hard challenges in his life, one such as the fact that he had made the mistake of having sex with his now-former girlfriend before marriage and then became a father through a child out of wedlock. I only wish with all of my heart and soul that I would do anything to stop my first cousin from making such a tragic mistake as this, and then he would never have to end up in such messes to come…

 However, he did end up with a lot of difficulties after he suddenly became a father; His girlfriend broke up with him, leaving him in such a heartbroken state. Then, I think, he had been let go of his first job at Walmart when he was told that he had to work extra shifts or something; I really do not want to give in to the full details because that is not any of my business…
Right after he got his job as a custodian at a school in Dover, Delaware, my first cousin had tried as hard as he ever could to try and to love his son as much as he can, in spite of the fact that he and his former girlfriend both share custody of him. One day, his former girlfriend had a heated argument with him, stating that he cannot have her child, or probably something like that; Again, I do not want to address any more of this because that is their business and not mine.
All of these things have given me a pretty good idea of how my first cousin had been struggling for all of those 30 years of his life; I could see, hear, and feel how much of the suffering that he has put up, and I could sense that he has been trying as hard as he ever could to try and put up with the suffering. But in spite of those things, he keeps a straight face, and keeps those kinds of problems and emotions to himself, not wanting to display them in public in front of anyone else.

Nevertheless, my first cousin turns out to be one tough guy; But he is also, I think, a joke-cracker. He may be tough, but his heart is full of love. As he turns 30 years of age, I hope and pray that my first cousin shall have much better things waiting for him, such as finally moving out from his parents’ house and finally settling into an apartment of his very own, as well as having friends who are as much kinder as anyone else. I hope and pray that those days come for him very soon.

If Cardi B. Was in Classic Sitcoms…

Hey, let’s face it-That rappin’ foulmouth Cardi B. has been everywhere, even at the Grammys! (Would she become the host of Jeopardy! next?! YIKE!! Oops, sorry, I meant no offense, Mr. Trebek!) So, this has got yours truly thinking: If Cardi B. had been around many years BEFORE her big break, then she would end up on classic sitcoms! I mean, just think-She would star in such classic sitcoms as these… 

“Hey, master, git yo’ #@$&%$# tail over here and let me grant yo’ #@$&$#%@-ing wish…” “Oh, Jeannie, er, I mean, Cardi!”
“Yeah, ya better believe that my mama’s gonna $#@%#$@&-in’ be here!!” “Uh…Sam, I mean Cardi, are you alright?!”
“Ooohhh, that @$#%&%$#@#$#-in’ Gilligan better not mess the #@$&#$%#@ up in helping us escape this #@$%&#@$^&#-in’ island!!!” “Gee, Ginger, I mean Cardi, do you really think so?!”

And finally, if Car-Dee Bee starred in the following classic sitcom in this role…Well, watch what happens… 

“Fred Sanford, you stupid #@%$&#$@%$#@#$%&$#@!!!” “Oh, this is it, this is the big one!! I’m comin’, Elizabeth!!”



From Psalm 5(NLT):

O LORD, hear me as I pray; pay attention to my groaning. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for I pray to no one but You. Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to You and wait expectantly.

O God, You take no pleasure in wickedness; You cannot tolerate the signs of the wicked. Therefore, the proud may not stand in your presence, for You hate all who do evil. You will destroy those who tell lies. The LORD detests murderers and deceivers.

Because of Your unfailing love, I can enter Your house; I will worship at Your Temple, with deepest awe. Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Make Your way plain for me to follow.

My enemies cannot speak a truthful word. Their deepest desire is to destroy others. Their talk is foul, like the stench from an open grave. Their tongues are filled with flattery. O God, declare them guilty. Let them be caught in their own traps. Drive them away because of their many sins, for they have rebelled against You.

But let all who take refuge in You rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread Your protection over them, that all who love Your name may be filled with joy. For You bless the godly, O LORD; You surround them with Your shield of love.