Well, yesterday I had told you about how good my second week at work was…But yesterday, something happened that has made me wish that I had gone out earlier and used the bus instead: Yesterday morning, instead of being at the bus stop, I had waited at home for my uncle to pick me up and to get me to work at my job as a food service worker at the Patterson dining facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE…

I had been waiting all morning for my uncle to show up, and when the clock had struck 8:45 AM, I began to panic a little bit and had called one of my job coaches at a place called ServiceSource and told her that I would be late getting there because my uncle had not arrived to pick me up. I had texted my uncle twice, and then he responded that he never said anything about picking me up in the morning. The reason that my uncle would not do so is that he is busy with the bus runs, as well as other things. He told me that there had been a mix-up, and had ordered me to contact my boss, in which I did.

I called my boss back and said to her that there had been a mix-up; She asked if there was any way for me to get there, and I told her that I take multiple DART buses and that it takes me I am thinking 3 hours; She said to me that to just take the day off. That mistake had me so upset that to tell you the truth, I cried, because I had done such a good job so far, and this was such a mistake that I had made in my first two weeks on the job (and I the other reason I was crying is because it was almost my time of the month; And yes, I had somehow missed that exotic eats menu that the dining facility had…)

My employment supervisor emailed me to thank me for the letter that I have sent; I have emailed her back to explain that I had been told to take the day off, but that it was not my fault, it was both that mix-up as well as the buses. She emailed me back and told me that such mistakes happen and that the most important thing was that I have informed my boss about this situation.

Oh, man…Now, please forgive me for this, but I was so upset by such a mistake that I have made that I have cried; I also began to have such thoughts as wondering if I had broken my uncle’s heart; I had done such a fantastic job, and I had started to think if maybe I had blown my second week on the job because of a mistake that I have made, and if, again, I had broken my uncle’s heart for this mistake; I also began wondering if whether or not I would ever get paid in spite of this mistake…I just hope that they would understand and would send me something in the mail that would have the times for the coming week…

But I am very much hoping that in the coming week, my tears would be dry and that I, or the people at my job, would find some way to make up for the time that I have lost because of one such mistake…I also just hope that there would not ever be a repeat.

My Second Week of Work (So Far)…

My second week in my job as a food service worker at the Dover Air Force Base here in good ‘ol Dover, DE had turned out to be pretty good; By now, I have learned how vacuum the dining rooms, wipe the tables and chairs, and even face the food products that were on the shelves…

However, there was one thing in which I am hopefully still trying to learn, and that would be to learn how to operate a dishwasher by myself. But in actuality, that dishwasher happens to be part of a system that is actually a two-person job, and not one: Cleaning and putting the dishes in their proper place. Hopefully one of those days I might be able to be taught how to operate that dining facility’s own dishwasher…

I would very much like to see that working at the base’s own dining facility has become quite an exiting experience for me, while also beginning to think that the facility has to me become something of a home away from home, and I think that to me, it is just plain wonderful.

As far as getting to and from work goes, well, there is something else I would like to share with you: I take multiple buses, from my home in Felton, DE to my job in Dover, DE: I first take the 117 DART bus from my home to the Camden Walmart, then hop on the 104, which takes me from the Camden Walmart to the transportation center, and from there I hop on the 112 that takes me to the Dover Mall. Finally, from the Dover Mall I hop on the 106 bus, which finally transports me to the base.

Now, as far as getting home goes, I follow a pattern that is different than the one in which I arrived at the base: I hop on the 106 bus from the base, then after dropping off at the Dover Mall, I hop on the 109 bus that gets me to the transportation center, and that was where either my aunt or my uncle would be waiting to pick me up after contacting them after getting off work. Other times, when my work is over at 2:00 PM, I have no problem-I could just take the buses back home to where I live, back in Felton, DE…

Until I ever learn to drive a car and then have enough money to drive one, this is the way it would be, for now…


Well, as all of you bloggers and blog followers out there have already known, as well as others who have not already known by now, we are still in the midst of National Pizza Month in the good ‘ol month of October; It is the ever-so-perfect month to honor that most cherished food that has been the most perfect presence at football tailgating, birthday parties, dinners, you name it-Pizza is everywhere!

But here is one teensy-weensy widdle problem: Since it is still National Pizza Month, which pizza are all of you going to celebrate with? Well, have no fear: That ever-so-full-of-ideas website, Pinterest, has a slew of those slice-tastic ideas; I have carefully selected 4 of those ideas for you to try out for your pizza perfective pleasure…

Everybody just loves chicken, as well as bacon; This pizza covers both treats that should please the palate of pizza lovers everywhere: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza!
This, I think, just happens to be the most healthiest pizza that would suit any family dinner menu: It’s the Green Pizza!
Of course, garlic may be enough to keep vampires away come Halloween night, but this treat happens to be one in which hungry pizza fans just cannot keep away: Garlic-Ranch Chicken Pizza!
And finally, caramelized onion is a rather surprising ingredient in any kind of meal imaginable, and when it comes to pizza, that certain ingredient would make this one a real, true winner: Caramelized Onion Bacon and Spinach Pizza!

Famous Firsts of the 1920s…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired background art by Jenn Webster)

They aren’t called the Roaring ’20s for nothing: The 1920s appeared to be called that way because of the economic boom after the end of WWI; The 1920s was also known as the “Jazz Age”, and that is due to the jazz music that was playing throughout the decade. The prosperity of the economy that many countries experienced were like the ones experienced in the later decades of the 1950s and 1990s, and each shift of prosperity was due to a paradigm shift in global affairs.

But the 1920s were also known for something else: The most time-honored things of pop culture that we take for granted began in the decade; The very first movie wit a soundtrack was a movie called Don Juan, made by Warner Brothers in 1926. The following year, the studio would make the very first part-talkie feature, The Jazz Singer, featuring Al Jolson. An electrical recording process introduced by record companies had been put on their phonograph records in 1925; The process was developed by Western Electric. Meanwhile, an American manufacturer by the name of Col. Jacob Schick patented the very first electric razor, while the Automated Musical Instrument Company began to introduce the first selective jukeboxes.

A man by the name of Clarence Birdseye had invented a process for something in which Americans take for granted today: Frozen food. In the world of entertainment, the very first Oscars were held, and the very first Best Picture prize went to Wings (1927-28). Walt Disney would produce the very first animated short film that would introduce a certain little mouse who would be celebrating 90 years in show business this year: Mickey Mouse. The name of that certain cartoon in which he made his debut? 1928’s Steamboat Willie.

When it came to radio in the 1920s, well, it came along with all the other firsts of the decade: The United States had its first commercial radio stations: 8MK (WWJ) in Detroit and KDKA 1020 AM in Pittsburgh, PA, began going on the air on August 27th, 1920; The radio craze began to sweep the nation, even though there were only a precious few stations in 1920-21.

Meanwhile, there happens to be a tradition that got its start during the 1920s; In 1924, a man named Louis Bamberger started the annual Bamberger’s Thanksgiving day parade in Newark, New Jersey, which was then transferred to rival department store Macy’s to New York City. There, its employees wore vibrant costumes while marching all the way through the Big Apple and on to Macy’s flagship store on 34th street; The parade featured live animals that had been borrowed from the Central Park Zoo. As has been the case at every parade since, this event ended with Santa Claus bringing up the rear, and then he was welcomed into Herald Square. Balloons would soon replace the live animals, as well as many celebrities from the world of TV, movies, music, and sports who would march in the parade throughout the many coming years.

Four years earlier, Philadelphia had its Thanksgiving Day parade, which was sponsored by a department store that went by the name of Gimbels. In its early years, the event was called the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade, and it would feature the store’s employees dressed in their costumes, along with floats and balloons that marched down Market Street, with Santa Claus at the end being the finale of the parade. In 1986, Gimbels stores would shut down for good, while a Philadelphia TV station by the name of WPVI-TV would be the main sponsor of the parade, and would sometimes share sponsorship of the annual parade with another company, mainly Dunkin’ Donuts (soon to be called just plain Dunkin’).

And so, that was some of the many things that have made their debut in the 1920s; Sometime in a future post, I shall have a story about the most wonderfully wonderful things that made their debut in the 1930s. Meanwhile, which certain thing that made their debut in the 1920s that you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

Help Me Pick the Next Digital Calendar Girl!

AUTUMN: Expectation vs. Reality (Or, Do Them Leaves REALLY Change Color?!?)

(Zentangle ®-inspired background illustration by Jenn Webster)

We have just begun the season of Autumn a few weeks ago; But what exactly IS Autumn, you would ask?

It happens to be one of the four seasons as well as being one of two in the intertropical zone; It starts astronomically with a little something called the autumn equinox, which happens about September 21, finally coming to an end with the winter solstice. However, it is in these months is that the period of autumn happens: September, October, and November, while in the Southern Hemisphere it is March, April, and May. Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is the harvest season, while in literature, autumn represents maturity.

Of course, autumn is the best season for some, because people enjoy jumping into the leaves and even kicking them; Others enjoy a good, refreshing drink of warm apple cider.

However, the reality of autumn happens to be when one has to clean up all of the #@$&$#@$-ing leaves on the #$@&%$&%#-ing ground; And yes, there are those who are ever so #%&$#%$#-ing fed up and tired of that stinkin’ pumpkin spice latte; There are those who would rather think that it tastes like (CENSORED) anyway…

Yup, we SWEAR that autumn can be a pain in the hiney sometimes…(yuk, yuk, yuk!!)

How Food Service Works for People…

Yup, that is the place that I am working three days a week now…(Background art by Jenn Webster)

       As most of you readers have already known, This past week I have just started on my job as a food service worker for a company called Sodexo at the Dover Air Force Base (I shall try and do posts on those in the future)…
       Now, as I have begun to do my food service work, that was when I had started to begin wondering what food service actually is as well as how it works; Well, food service is the kind of service that provides freshly made food for such places as businesses, companies, and institutions that are responsible for any meal that is outside the home, and the food service industry’s places include restaurants, catering operations, school, and hospital cafeterias, and many others. The food service distributors, on the other hand, are companies that supply foodservice operators; In addition to foods, they also sell goods like kitchen utensils. And even some companies manufacture products in both foodservice and consumer versions.
       The difference between the two is while the foodservice version of the product is packaged in a much larger industrial size while lacking the colorful label designs, the consumer version usually comes in individual-sized packages with elaborate label designs.  

       However, there is much difference between foodservice food and non-processed food: The food service food, on average, tends to be higher in calories and lower in key nutrients than the foods that are prepared at home. In addition to fast food, most restaurants offer salads and fruit offerings, whether they are offered by choice or in response to nutrition labeling.
       And yes, food service is not ever without its dangers: Because of food not being able to be kept below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as not being able to wash their hands, food-borne illnesses abound, such as salmonella, E. coli, and listeria.
       There is another kind of food service, and that is called table service: That is food being served to the customer’s table by waiters and waitresses, who are also known as “servers”. The places where table service is most common are I think fast food restaurants. 

       I guess that would there be all I would need to know about the wonderfully wonderful world of food service; So, with that, I shall do as good a job as ever at doing the most important things that go along with food service, such as even washing my hands before returning to work!   

Here is How You Can Make The Holidays Even Better For Needy Children…

The joy of living really is in the giving; And that could not ever be more truer when it comes to the upcoming holiday season. After all, the holiday season is a time when we give our shut-up hearts ever-so-freely to those in need.

Toys For Tots was founded in 1947 by a man by the name of Major Bill Hendricks, a Marine reservist. The goal of this program, which is run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, is to distribute toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas.

Each year in the months of October, November and December and its accompanying days leading up to Christmas, Toys For Tots collection boxes can be found in stores such as Walmart, in which customers can drop off a new, unwrapped toy to a child in need. Giving this fact that giving toys to needy children this time of the year some thought, I have planned on doing something that would help Toys For Tots bring even more toys to children, especially children who are living in places right here in America that has been hit hard by not one, but two hurricanes: Florence and Michael.

So it is with that, starting today, from now until December 12th, I have just created a fundraiser over at my Facebook page, in which you can do your part to help support Toys For Tots by donating whatever you can to this great charity, and to help make this Christmas even brighter for children who would otherwise have a bleak Christmas of having absolutely no joy of receiving gifts of toys that they would enjoy.

Please donate whatever you can to my Toys For Tots fundraiser over at Facebook; You can find the full details right here. Now, I am surely thinking that with Hurricane Michael destroying everything, especially the children’s toys, I am so very much sure that those kids who have faced so very much, especially this hurricane as well as the previous one by the name of Florence, are definitely going to need all of the help that they could ever get so desperately. Please give before December 12th, and thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.