DELICIOUS CHICAGO FOOD (That You Could Make At Home)…

Starting Monday, July 23rd, KALEIDOSCOPE will present its very own tribute to the TV legends of the Windy City of Chicago; Now, when one thinks of Chicago, one just has to think of every tourist attraction possible, and of course, the others also think of the food that this great city offers. Every city in the United States has got to have its very own food, and Chicago is no exception-It is chock-full of the finest food in any city in any state…
You really do not have to go to Chicago to experience all of the many tastes that they offer there; That ever-so-full-of-ideas website, Pinterest, has fun ideas to make your very own Chicago-style food, and yours truly has just selected some of them…

Pizza puffs are so very popular among Chicago people(you know, pizza stuffed in pastry), so this might be a fun idea to make this variation for your next pizza night…
Another popular Chicago food is the cheeseburger (NO, not the McDonald’s kind!); This here happens to be the slider variation of this time-honored Chicago treat…
Does anybody out there like smoked salmon? If you do, then this idea would surely make a hit at your next dinner party!
Aw, man, who does not LOVE Chicago-style cheesecake?! It is the Windy City’s most popular dessert for so many years, and just think how your taste buds would be blown away when you make a homemade variation!
And so thus, we have saved the very best for the very last-A time-honored Chicago treat that’s as legendary as the city’s landmarks, a mixture of caramel and cheese that is known as: The Chicago Mix Popcorn!


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