How to Study a Buffet…

This past Friday, yours truly went with my uncle and aunt to a certain little restaurant place called the Festival Buffet that is located inside the Dover Downs hotel and casino in Dover, Delaware, just so that I could study the place in order to find out just how busy a place like that could be…

We went there, and just as I had suspected, it was as busy as heck-Lots of people waiting in line to have whatever kind of buffet food to have at that place. Meanwhile, I began to study just what the chefs there do at the Festival Buffet, and I am pretty amazed to see what they do and how they keep calm under pressure.

However, we did not stay there to eat, because according to my uncle, it is pretty expensive, but I did gain knowledge of what the chefs there do and how they perform their work; My uncle then told me that it could be a pretty good experience for me and that I could get paid for having such an experience as this!

I plan to contact one of the chefs today to inform him about this experience; If and when I get hired, then I might have to try to balance my time between my possible job and my writing schedule; I am hoping with all of my heart that I would do so and that nothing ever goes wrong…

When a person gets hired for a job that he or she seeks and likes, sometimes it could get pretty scary for one to try and figure out what to do first; But if they try and do things right, then I think there would not be any of a problem.

As with the fact of what a buffet exactly is, well, that’s another story for another blog post…

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