KALEIDOSCOPE continues its look at Chicago TV legends as we shine the spotlight once again on another longtime Chicago favorite, the anchor who is known for his bow tie…

Fahey Flynn!

Now, not very much is known about this Chicago-based personality, save for the fact that he was both a television and radio newscaster who has spent the majority of his career in the Windy City; He was born in Escanaba, Michigan on August 6th, 1916, and died at a Chicago hospital of internal hemorrhaging on August 8th, 1983, just 2 days after celebrating his 67th birthday.
The Chicago Sun-Times’ Robert Feder once described Fahey Flynn as “an avuncular Irishman with a jaunty bow tie [and] a twinkle in his eye”; Flynn started his career in 1934 at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and in 1941 he had begun working in Chicago. Flynn had been an anchor for CBS affiliate WBBM-TV from 1953 to 1968, and then he was joined by a man by the name of Joel Daly to become the co-anchor at WLS-TV; By 1971, both Flynn and Daly would become the highest-rated team in Chicago television news, retaining the lead in its ratings throughout 1979.
A year earlier, Fahey Flynn would receive an alumni award from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, many years after graduating from there in 1939. Even after his passing in 1983, Fahey Flynn still leaves an incredible mark on Chicagoans as well as future newscasters who have been inspired by him. 


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