Well, our very special series on Chicago TV legends just keeps getting interesting, doesn’t it? I hope that you have enjoyed this special series, and if you would like for me to such special events like this in the future, please drop me a line in the comments below.
Meanwhile, we continue on by shining the spotlight yet again on a retired announcer who does voice-overs for numerous stations, most notably a Chicago public television station by the name of WTTW-TV…

Marty Robinson!

Marty Robinson was born Martin Robinson on September 7th, 1932 in Chicago, Illinois; He got started on his broadcasting career at a station called WEAW-TV in Evanston in 1956, and he would later work at such stations as WNIB, WJJD, WAAF, and WGN. In 1958 after leaving WNIB, Robinson joined WFMT, working as a program host, staff announcer, and chief announcer until 1971, in which that same year he would leave that station to join WTTW-TV. Now, most of you crazy Whovians might remember this one: Marty was perhaps best known for making “epic introductions” as well as the closing voice-overs for a certain British show by the name of…um…Docky-Wocky-Mocky-Hoo-Hoo on that WTTW…
Marty Robinson would remain at WTTW-TV Channel 11 as its main announcer, the narrator, and program host until 1998, but not only that, he would also produce and host The First Fifty Years, which was a nationally syndicated program of historic vocal records spanning from 1967 to 1992.
Long before he broke into broadcasting, Marty had worked as a stable boy, a gas station attendant, a file clerk, a counterman, a truck driver, a cowboy, a laborer and a bartender. (Boy, that’s a lot of hats!) Marty Robinson has since retired from broadcasting; If any of you happen to be crazy Whovians and should you ever run into Marty Robinson, please do not ever make him do any epic introductions to that certain show in which I shall not ever say out loud-He has done enough, thank you…

Now, wouldn’t it be ever-so-funny if Shemp of the Three Stooges made those epic introductions to that B.B. & C. show… 

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