The Smartest Snack Cake Ideas for Back-To-School!

Sure, we are still in the gist of summer, but think about it: In a month and a half from now, summer will officially come to an end, and before you know it, those kids who have been splashing in the pools and/or soaking up rays at the beach shall unfortunately wake up to reality and hit the books once more, as in school books, leaving the final traces of summer behind…

And to those of you who live in Delaware, yes, the new school year will start in late August, so I guess it is pretty well time to plan ahead and go school shopping, as well as plan whatever kind of lunches the kids would have, should they get hungry after all that studying come lunchtime. So, with that, may I offer you one tip? Maybe a homemade snack cake in their lunch box might make them feel better, as well as to make things sweeter, especially at back-to-school time…

Or better yet, how about serving homemade snack cakes for an end-of-summer/back-to-school celebration? That sounds like a perfect idea, doesn’t it? Either way, the homemade snack cake is the perfect treat, and the folks over at that certain ever-so-full-of-ideas website that is known as Pinterest has ideas for making as well as serving up that treat; Yours truly has personally selected the following few ideas…

The chocolate chip snack cake is always a great idea to put in your kids’ lunch box, complete with milk to wash it all down with…
The most popular breakfast treat that’s a favorite with everyone is the cinnamon roll; Why not send the little ones off to school at breakfast time with this variation of a time-honored classic…
Now this here is something that to me is quite new, and you might want to try making this special cake for the kids while trying to keep some for yourself: It’s the Brown Sugar Peach Cake!
And finally…Having your kids to go back to school is certainly a real celebration, so why not make this sweet delight: Cake Batter Brownie Snack Cake!

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