Announcing the Winners of My “Homemade Stories” Prompt Contest!

First and foremost, I would like to offer my thanks to all of you bloggers and blog followers out there for taking your time to enjoy my special tribute to the Chicago TV legends that have been a part of the Windy City’s greatest form of media known as television for over the past 60 years; It has been a pleasure to have prepared this series for you just as much as it has been a pleasure for each of you to enjoy reading them, and for that I am so very grateful. If you would like to see more special series in the future, please drop me a line in the comments section below after this post…

Now, on to another announcement of great importance; Not too very long ago, I had announced that I am planning to do another special event on this here blog in which I would present stories by talented writers, and would be henceforth entitled “Homemade Stories”; In order to make this special event a reality, I had run a contest on a community website in which I have just joined recently called Writer’s Cafe, and if you folks would like to learn more about this website, then please go to…

Anyhoo, in preparing for this special event I had staged a contest at the Writer’s Cafe website in which the members of that community would submit their stories, and the winning ones would be featured in an upcoming special here at KALEIDOSCOPE; Well, I am happy to announce that the contest had just closed, and I am now going to announce the winners, and they are…

FOURTH PRIZE HONORABLE MENTION: “My Struggle With DYSPRAXIA”; THIRD PRIZE: “Count William”; SECOND PRIZE: “Early Lesson in Diplomacy”. And now, the time has come to finally announce the grand prize, the Blue Ribbon First Prize, and that prize goes to: “Blue, White, and Gold” ! On behalf of myself and of KALEIDOSCOPE (, may I congratulate each of the winners-You have each won a chance for your stories to be featured in an upcoming special on this here blog, entitled, of course, “Homemade Stories”; To those who have entered in the contest but did not win, I am very sorry that you did not win, but I hope that I shall see more of your writing in the near future, if I have the time to do so.

As for you, the readers of KALEIDOSCOPE, you shall very well get a chance to read what those winning writers have submitted as I am about to present another special that features those winning stories; Be on the lookout for an announcement on when I shall present this very special presentation to you…

Oh, and since I am now going to change the subject…I have a certain feeling that you folks might also want to be on the lookout on this here blog; Yours truly may be planning to do more howl-larious harm to none other than that intergalactic pain-in-the-neck, Docky-Wocky-Socky-Mocky-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo…(I DO NOT want to mention that name of that space Brit, no matter he, or now she, is, thank you very much!!!) Now, I do not mean any form of disrespect for this science fiction show from English; It is just that I am not at all crazy about that wacko show, and I really do not understand why such people ever get so excited over an imported TV show…It’s like they are waiting for a new book or something, or maybe they were waiting for Colonel Sanders to have his own public affairs show on TV. Have you ever seen Canadians waiting for the new season of Hawaii 5-0 or something?! (the reason why I do such a thing as making fun of that certain British sci-fi coo-coo show is what I think is for the common good: To try and get my cousins to watch something more sensible than that wonky program…Hopefully…) Something in my mind thinks that B. B. & C. Amer-i-ca is like the Par-a-mountie Netwoik, who knows?!

So anyways, be watching this here blog as I may be doing more joke-filled damage to that certain British martian…Hope he, or now SHE, just better not be hiding in that stinkin’ blue elevator…(Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk!)

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