And Now, a Very Special Message For Dover Comic-Con Attendees…

I know that those of you who plan on attending the Dover Comic-Con on August 18th just might be seeing people who are dressed as that certain British weirdo who pretends to be from a planet that ain’t Mars; Before you attend the Comic-Con, may I fully suggest that you pay attention to this following educational film in which yours truly has found…



“Yes, crazy Whovians everywhere are worshipping that certain British show, while others wish that certain show would just go away…”

“Yes, my friends, sensible nostalgia lovers such as yourself have spent many a night putting up with such nonsense like this weirdo program about a nutty British person who pretends to be an alien from a planet that isn’t Mars…”
“Yes, those of you who cannot stand the nusty-banana-coo-coo-ness of that program and would like to find a way to get those that you love so very much to watch something sensible, like reruns of “Gilligan’s Island” or even “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour”, we would very much like to show you the following product that would help you to rid your loved ones while protecting your own sanity from those pesky pests known as Time Lords…”
“Yes, here is that product, WHO-STROY, in what could be the greatest development known to man (we hope), developed by skilled scientists at a private facility somewhere in Delaware (SMYRNA!!!); Who-Stroy will remove all of that kooky fandom that has swelled up in the brains of many Doctor Who nerds everywhere…Yes, many a sensible nostalgia lover shall sleep soundly tonight knowing that their nostalgic sanity has been saved…” 
“Yes, you can be very well sure that your love for good ‘ol sensible nostalgic things such as variety shows and Bob Hope specials will finally be safe, thanks to WHO-STROY…
“Just use WHO-STROY DD&T on anything, the doors of their rooms, their milk, or even on their brains, because a show such as “Doctor Who” is only enjoyable for those whose I.Q. is below 43 (we do not mean any offense). And yes, WHO-STROY can also be applied to their dignity, because after all, no one would want to lose theirs due to their nerdiness for that B. B. & C. program…”

“Yes, soon, and I especially do mean VERY soon, WHO-STROY will be available (we hope), and many a non-Whovian shall very well sleep soundly tonight knowing that somebody in their lives, especially the cousins of a blogger that goes by the names of Joey and Rudd (names and faces have been changed for privacy), will finally say…” 


“Now really, we don’t mean that!”



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