Well, here it is, the month of August; and that month surely means something, and that something is that summer is on its very last legs for another year. So with that, I began to look back at what I have achieved throughout the entire summer…
Of course, there was this reading challenge that I have done with Goodreads, and I think that I have done a pretty good job focusing on my reading skills…Next, I began my summer writing goals, starting out by having created the very first story serial musical, “So Long, Guys”; I had even joined an online writing community called the Writer’s Cafe… Speaking of which, here is a nice little plug: Beginning this Monday, August 13th, KALEIDOSCOPE shall present its very special series featuring the winners of a contest that I had set up at that online writing community a little while back, and it is entitled Homemade Stories; I very much hope that you folks would not miss out on any of the fun come Monday, August 13th, but in the meantime, if you would like to learn more about the Writer’s Cafe, may I very well suggest that you please go to
Meanwhile, getting back to what I have done this past summer…Before I had begun this special series in which I think that you would enjoy on Monday, I had also begun working previously on another special series that focused on the legends of Chicago television that have made the Windy City exactly what it is, a great city for great media. It has taken yours truly a lot of time, effort, and of course a lot of research, but the end result has turned out to be something of a true winner, especially my profile on Rich “Svengoolie” Koz, which, as of this writing, had just gotten a little over 30 views! Now, if that is not an achievement, what is? 

My next writing goal had also featured my own art accompanying it; And yes, it is another of my attempts (not really) to try and get my weirdo cousins to stop watching that wonky program from English about a British nutso who make-believes he’s some kind of alien from some sort of goofy planet that ain’t Mars or Venus or Jupiter or something…
Now, as I have stressed in previous blog posts before, I have absolutely nothing against that wacky show from British (and once again, as in a previous post, I WILL NOT MENTION HIS, OR NOW HER, NAME!!!); It is just that I am not at all interested in that silly show, and I thought I would make jokes about it just as a way of saying that I am not interested in Docky-Wocky-Weirdo; I am also scratching my head as to why people here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. would get ever so excited over a television import or something…If only those people would get excited over a Spanish Lawrence Welk or even a Japanese Art Linkletter, then everything would be alright. (Just between you folks and me, I would have bet $25 to have my first cousin, or even my cousins for that matter, meet at least some stinkin’ stars of that wacky, goofy, sci-fi show that ain’t American; Just saying…)
Anyhoo, the post that I had done happens to be a parody of that “Pestroy” DDT advertising film which features animation that bookends a short piece about how that DDT-in-a-can is used, and yes, it had been made to suppose to get rid of pests. If you would like to see this parody for yourself, which features cartoon artwork by yours truly, then you can check it out right here

Speaking of illustrations…About 10 years ago when I was living in Philadelphia, I had drawn a cartoon which happens to be a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid; Now, before I get into the details, I would like to share this with you, the blogging audience: I practice drawing cartoons almost every day, just so that one day I would use my skills to display my talents to everyone. In the past 5-1/2 years since I have started my blog, I have surely done my job-Sharing my cartooning, my writing, and my other artwork with each of you.
And now, 9 years later, I finally got to share my cartoon artwork with the whole, wide world, in eBook form: I have put those illustrations to accompany my own writing to put together this all-new Amazon Kindle Edition eBook that I have just published this week, The Sea Centaur; Although the main character in my version of the fairy tale has been changed into a half-human/half-seahorse, the original story itself, penned by Andersen, remains the same, almost. I have waited all of that time for me to share something as special as this, and now that wait is finally over, and if time allows, I would hopefully plan on sharing more of my writing and art talents with you. If you would like to purchase your very own digital copy of The Sea Centaur, written and illustrated by yours truly, either for your Kindle or your smartphone and tablet device that has got a Kindle app, then please go to this link right here
Well, something tells me that the sun is about to set on what I think happens to be the best summer ever for me, writing, reading, and art-wise; But before I am about to close the book on my most creative summer ever and then plan ahead for some fun fall frolics, I have just one last goal to achieve, and that would be presenting my very special series, Homemade Stories, so get ready on Monday, August 13th as KALEIDOSCOPE presents a most spectacular showcase of towering writing talent! Don’t you dare miss it! 

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