And Now, a Wook, er, Look at Lost Gerber Baby Food Ads…(Really…)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following post is another of my attempts to try and get my cousins, and well as any crazy Whovian, to try and watch something else that is sensible, instead of that wonky show from British…(not really…)

Yes, for those of you who have cherished and collected Gerber ads from the past, yours truly has just found a few lost Gerber ads, and those precious Gerber ads have not been available anywhere else in the world until now…

Aww, isn’t that widdle 10th docky-wocky all cutesy-wutsey?!
And look at cute, widdle Tommy Baker, even though he is too widdle for that scarfy-warfy…
Yes, precious widdle 11 is front row center…
Yup, we SWEAR that this cute, widdle baby needs his mouth washed out with soap!!!(yuk, yuk, yuk)

AND THIS JUST IN: KALEIDOSCOPE has confirmed that the Docky’s wife, Cry-Me-a-River Song, has been reincarnated as a harried housewife somewhere in New Jersey…

Yup, as we’ve said before-We SWEAR we may not show this again!!(yuk, yuk, yuk)

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