LABOR DAY, 2018: An Essay

(Zentangle(R)-inspired background illustration by Jenn Webster)

What is Labor Day, one would ask? Well, to search for its meaning, one can answer that it certainly does NOT mean the unofficial end of summer, as some people claim; Rather, it is a day in which we, as Americans, pause and honor a most wonderful thing called labor, as well as each and every worker who has given up their time each and every day to do the work that needs to be done, so that others could by the goods that they want and need. Labor Day is a holiday that is celebrated each year on the very first Monday in September, a month in which there would be no more summer for the children for another year, and that they go right back to school, while all of the leaves on the trees shall soon change color, wither, and fall to the ground…

Those American workers in which this holiday honors have certainly made a contribution to the prosperity, laws, strength, and well-being of this great country of ours; All workers should be very well honored for all kinds of work that they do. It was first celebrated after it became an official federal holiday in 1894, and it is still celebrated today; But in recent times, one would find it very difficult to be honored as a worker, because there have been many cases of sexual misconduct in the workplace. You could not ever enter a place of business, especially if you are a woman, and do the work that you are supposed to do without the fear of being sexually harassed. It does not ever have to be that way; Women should be brave enough to tell their supervisor right away if they are harassed, so that they could gather enough courage to continue the work that they are called to do, and for their supervisors to gather enough evidence to punish the offender…

And here is another thing: It gets difficult to try and stop whatever they are doing to honor the workers on Labor Day when there is just too much hatred, layoffs, and even suicides that swirl in the minds of workers while they try and do what they are supposed to do if they want to be honored on a day such as Labor Day; And it gets even more difficult to stop and honor the workers on Labor Day when all that they could ever think of the holiday as “The Unofficial End of Summer”-Sure, that is all fine and good, but what about the workers who have manned the hotels, the amusement parks, and even the beaches? Don’t they deserve such an honor too? And what about those who operate the food stands as well as the restaurants throughout the entire summer? Shouldn’t they be honored for the work that they have done too? My dear friends, it is those people who do the labor that they do so that you could enjoy those final bits of summer. They deserve all of the honor that they would ever need for a job well done.

And it is not just all kinds of workers that deserved to be honored on Labor Day: What about the Police, Fire, and Ambulance departments? Even so, what about the Army, Navy, the Air Force, Marines, and especially the Coast Guard? Those people labor 24/7 to protect each and every one of us from danger; They, my friends, are the ones who should be honored the very most of all.

And so, as Labor Day approaches, for just a minute, I do not want you to ever think of the holiday as the unofficial end of summer; Instead, please pause and think of those who have labored so that they would have enough to provide for their families, and that they would provide us with the goods that we want as well as need. And should you ever see a man or a woman who do the labor, please thank them for their hard work. In my own opinion, Labor Day is, and should be, a most important holiday.

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