sQuIbBlEs By JeNn WeBsTeR

Ladies & gentlemen, KALEIDOSCOPE would like to offer the following announcement for those with special interests…

Hey, all you freaks, geeks, and nerds out there! Are you tired of waiting for what-ever-the-heck date that Docky-Wocky-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo show is going to premiere on that B.B. & C. Am-er-i-ca?!

Well, don’t you fret none, because your comic-book-lovin’ prayers shall soon be answered…Yes, from that money-grubbin’ er, great company that has brought you that, er, Warn-me Archival Instant, here comes that ever-so-wonderful streaming service that would make Marv-el–ous cry like a little girl:

Yes, it’s that D&C streaming service, filled with all of that Suppie-man and Batso-man that you can handle, therefore wasting your own precious time indulging in that comic bookie-wookie dreamland!

Now, how can you get that stinkin’ streaming service, you ask?! It’s easy-Just waste all of your money for month after month of TV shows and movies that are inspired by those D&C characters that do not make any kind of sense in the first place! And then afterward, you would be paying so much more attention to that streaming service that you’ll probably get an “F-” at school in all activities such as History, Math, and Algebra, because you would be watching too much of that stinkin’ junk that is the D&C streaming service!

To get that streaming service, just don’t waste your time…Watch PBS or something…

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