As the season known as summer is about to have its final fling for another year and that nature is about to show us its very first colors on the leaves, I began to think about what kinds of goals I would like to give a try in making; Of course, I could continue on in repeating my goal of reading more books, but I would read something that is new and refreshing, as well as one that I would very much like to focus on for at least 30 to 45 minutes. And then maybe I might achieve another writing goal like the ones that I did over this summer…

But whatever I plan to do, whether it is reading or writing goals or job hunting or even whatever good might come my way, then I can take whatever I can get; There is always plenty of chances to achieve one’s goals.

I have been living with my uncle and aunt for almost 7 years now, and one might think that I might be having a hard time living with them; Well, everybody has their good days and bad days, and there are good days when I can easily put up with my family while there are bad days when I becomes difficult at times to put up with my family. My uncle keeps on lecturing me about how I should live on my own, but I would surely like to tell my uncle and my aunt as well that I am only one woman, and that I can only to one single thing at a time, and I would very much like to completely focus on doing one thing at a time without being very distracted by their lectures, because, quite frankly, I have learned so much throughout my life how to do those things…Haven’t I learned enough already?!?

Anyway, I hope that I could try and do the things that I would like to do as well as the things that I would be ordered to do without any distractions that would otherwise drive me crazy…Speaking of things that drive me crazy, as most of you crazy Whovians have already known by now, the official date for that wonky British sci-fi show that ain’t American has been set, and it had been announced as October 7th, on a day in which happens to be a Sunday, rather than a Saturday as that that had been the official home of that show for I think many years, but that Saturday slot by the B.B. & C. has since been occupied by reality and game shows that maybe it was time for that British make-believe alien to pack up his/her things and move to Sundays from now on, in which might be a good move for some, but maybe the move might not be a good idea for others, as people might be saying that they have always been looking forward to Saturdays because that happens to be the day in which they are looking forward to…that show. If Sunday is a good idea for a show to be placed, then all I could say is more power to them…

I just hope that my first cousin would not blurt out his excitement for that show while I am eating pre-Halloween candy; It happened once last year on the day before Easter, and I hope that there won’t be a repeat…(No offense to all of you crazy Whovians out there…)

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