KALEIDOSCOPE in Harrington, DE…

I have been addressing to you folks in past posts before about the goals that I have achieved over this past summer; However, there happens to be one goal that I have forgotten to share with you folks, and that I would very much like to share with all of you now…While riding back home on the bus, I had taken a look around at the small town of Harrington, Delaware. After seeing this main street-like small town, I had figured that sometime before the summer ends, I would very much like to take a day trip to Harrington before I return to reality come fall…
So yesterday, I did-I took a day trip to that wonderfully beautiful small town of Harrington in the diamond state of Delaware; While there I had taken some photos of that town in which I would like to share them with you now via a photographic tour…

There are I think many fire departments in Harrington; This one happens to go by the name of the Harrington Fire Company.
(Please excuse the fact that this following image is a bit blurry; It is the very best that I can do in terms of the fact that my phone has a camera app…)Now here, Harrington has got its own railroad station, and I think this train is about to go on a trip…
Yes, Harrington, Delaware really is a small town, a city without those huge, tall buildings; It stretches from the stores…
To this beautiful church. Looks so very historically blessed, doesn’t it?
And yes, even Harrington has its own senior center, a most wonderful place where old folks can relax and have the most peaceful of conversations.
And finally, in an effort to protect and serve each and every citizen of Harrington, this small Delaware town has its very own police department, just so that each and every person in Harrington can be ever so safe…Wonder if they serve donuts there?!


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