And Now, a Special Message From KALEIDOSCOPE…

Jo-Dee Whit-Taker

Ladies and gentlemen, I would very much like to bring to your attention something in which might be of great importance to you; As some of you might know, that B. B. & C. Am-er-i-ca show, in which I refuse to say its title, is premiering on October 7th. And while news sources confirm that this new season will feature the first ever female dock-mock-stichie-boo-boo-boo, they also state that for the very first time since CBS decided to get rid of Hee-Haw, the show would be moved to Sundays…
And that would be a huge concern for parents who are worried that their children might be subjected to that show, in which too much exposure would cause them to perform badly in school…Oh, won’t somebody PUH-LEESE think of the children?!?
And what about those college idiots, er, I mean, kids, who might be willing to be exposed to too much of that new show? Can’t something be done to prevent such a thing before that sci-fi show that ain’t American debuts?! Well, there is a way…

We here at KALEIDOSCOPE would like to give you suggestions on how to create a first-aid kit that would help the average viewer, whether be young or old, should he or she becomes affected by too much of that wonky weirdo sci-fi-show from British…

For starters, should one get a tummy ache from watching too much of that show, here is antacid, such as for example Alky-Seltzer…(by which your child should have images of Sammy Davis Jr. instead of that Docky-Wocky, can you dig it, man?!)
Or, should that fail, then have that average viewer try Pepto-Bismol, which relieves upset stomach after watching too much of…that show…
Now, when those you love who also happens to be the average viewer and gets a VERY BIG headache from watching way too much of that wonky British program, then try Excedrin, because after all, the get a headache this big, and it’s got that space Brit written all over it!(Doctors said this in two medical studies…we think…)

Or, when one watches another person still watching that stinkin’ show and just cannot take it anymore, then there is always the best solution…

Thank you for your time, you non-Whovians you.


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