(Zentangle(R)-inspired illustration by Jenn Webster)

I have been living with my family for almost 7 years now, and to think that I have gotten used to this different kind of living, as in, living this new life that I am living right now, which happens to be so very much different from the previous living that I have endured, which was having been living with my stepfather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That living that I had lived was a quiet one, and during my previous living I was as happy as a lark, going on weekend field trips to shopping malls, practicing my writing as well as my cartooning, and just helping my stepdad take care of the apartment in which I had been living along with him.
But now, there is no more quietness in this life in which I am living in the here and now, at least for the time being; It is so very hard for me to be an only Christian living with a family who has somehow gotten to be so very difficult for me-They do not know about the Son of God, nor do they even know about the most extravagant things that He does which have been recorded in God’s book, the Holy Bible. When I try to tell them what is wrong whenever they get upset about something that went wrong, they just simply tell me that it is none of my concern…
I’m telling you, that makes me feel as if I am locked out, wondering if I had ever failed in trying to help my family…Of course, I had helped my family on some occasions, such as taking out the garbage for them as well as helping them out with the dishes; But when it comes to trying to help them whenever they feel angry or sad or upset about things that went bad, they just simply want me to butt out. To tell you the honest truth, I just get so upset as well as frustrated because I really wanted to follow the rules of the Holy Bible and to try to be as helpful as any Christian would do, but somehow my own family does not want to ever share their feelings with me, as if they are trying to hide something from me…

In the here and now, it has gotten to be as hard as it is to be living with my family who is difficult; What I really and truly want, with all of my heart and soul, is for me to change my family into something of a good, value-natured family, as well as vulgar-less. If I had the power to do such a thing as this to change my own family, I would. However, there could be times when my family’s voices get so very loud that I would get scared and feel powerless to do anything about it…
After all of these years of living with my difficult family, I began to wonder whether or not I have succeeded in trying to help my family emotionally. Have I failed to change my family? Is this burden too very much for me that Satan is hiding somewhere, and ready to pop out at any given time to tell me that God is not doing enough to help me, and to just give up and just simply give in to his own pleasures that he is offering me? Well, I would very much like to say that Satan is nothing more than a fraud and a liar, because he is, after all, the father of lies.
My family may be difficult, but God does not ever want me to give up, even when Satan keeps on tricking me. God wants me to keep on going, and even to keep on praying for my family; And to hope, and still keep on hoping, that someday they shall see the error of their difficulties and then turn their hearts to Jesus Christ. May the Lord God watch and protect them. 

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