September 11th and the World of Entertainment (AN ESSAY)

We all need the one thing that’s as ever so powerful as entertainment; It helps us to escape from our everyday problems, worries, and situations…

However, on September 11th, 2001, entertainment had been put to the ultimate test…Two airplanes have crashed into the buildings of the World Trade Center, while another commercial plane crashed into the Pentagon as well as another one that had crashed in central Pennsylvania; It was apparently heading for the White House.

Many daytime television programs have been preempted because of the round-the-clock coverage of the attacks and its aftermath; For the very first time since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the television networks announced that there would be no commercials or programs for several days. Every broadcast and cable network shared with each other the coverage of the attacks. Meanwhile, radio stations altered their music formats to provide listeners with what is going on…

And so with the fact that they day that was September 11th, 2001 being so very quickly fresh on their minds, the beginning of the 2001-02 television season had been delayed; Late night talk shows had been postponed…The 53rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards were put on hold twice, finally airing on November 4th…The 2nd annual Latin Grammys had never happened, opting instead for the announcing of the winners at a press conference the next month. The then-new XM Radio(now called Sirius XM), which was scheduled to launch on September 12th, but due to the attacks the launch was delayed until September 25th. And then, the program directors from a number of radio stations across the country have retooled their playlists in response to those devastating attacks, and the airwaves have been filled with such patriotic songs as Whitney Houston’s version of The Star-Spangled Banner to Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The U.S.A…

CNN became not only the cable network to provide the best news, but it had also become the first cable network to break the news of the very first attack at exactly 8:49 AM EST; MSNBC followed suit at 8:50, as well as FNC at 8:54. Meanwhile, various other cable and satellite networks in the US had reacted to the terrorist attacks in three ways, though it may sound surprising to some: First, some networks had to abandon their program lineup in favor of simulcasting news coverage of their affiliated networks; For example, ESPN, ESPN2 and the network that was formally known as SoapNet(now Disney Junior) aired coverage from ABC News. Meanwhile, MTV, VH1, CMT, BET, and TNN aired coverage from CBS News, in which then were all owned by the original Viacom…

I could go on to say that movie studios had to delay the opening of their movies, as well as the theme parks such as Disney and Universal Studios in Hollywood and Florida that were closed that day; But I really do not need to tell you all of these things to tell you frankly that the world of such a wonderful thing as entertainment had stood still for a time because of the devastating attacks that have happened on September 11th, 2001; But one cannot think that you could possibly keep entertainment quiet for very long. For even such a time as it is now, just as it is then 17 years ago, we really do need entertainment-It is that certain kind of escapism that would take us away from our problems, at least for a little while; We focus and indulge on the most wonderful things that entertainment brings us, whether good times or bad, and then afterward, we would be feeling so much better, going right back into the real world with our heads held high. And that’s a beautiful thing…

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