HIRED! (Almost…)

(Illustration by Jenn Webster)

Can you believe this? It seems like 3-1/2 years has since gone by since I had finally gotten the news the other day that I had finally gotten a job after searching for so long…Now, before I get into the full details, I would very much like to address to those new to my blog, as well as others who have been with my blog since the very beginning, that I have been living with my family in Delaware since the death of my stepfather for 6-1/2 years, and throughout that time, I had been learning how to perform the tasks of a job occupation through job training, and right afterwards I began in my search to find a good, stable job…

Well, time has since gone by, and after all of those years, I had finally been given something that I had been wanting for all of those years-A job, a good, stable job in which I can be happy and comfortable with, and that I am hoping would make good enough money for me so that I could move out of my family house and hopefully into a place to live, such as a one-bedroom apartment…I am so very happy in this point in time right now as I have ever been before in my whole, entire life. I had prayed for the Lord God to give me a job, and now He has blessed me with it.

I am hoping, though, that I would do a good job in this job because, quite frankly, I had done well in my job training-Focusing on what I should be doing in terms of stocking products, cleaning, etc.; But this here is a REAL job, and in this job in which I would be going soon, a dining job in the Dover Air Force Base, then not only would I be supposed to be doing this job, but also I must try and fully focus on how to do it well, because after all, I have studied on how I should perform my job well once I would get a job, and now that I have gotten the job, then I would wait two week for word on when I would get started. I had also done a drug test, by the way, so I am also hoping for the outcome of that test; I did not do any illegal drugs, but those people are just testing just to be safe…

Now that I have been given the job, another task has now been placed in front of me: The balance of bringing you more posts like this one on my blog while I am working once I get started on my job; I am thinking that I would balance well between blogging and my real work…I know that it could very well get hard for me, but if I could concentrate on doing this kind of balance between my new job and doing this here blog which is called KALEIDOSCOPE, then I hope that I would be alright…Oh, and do I need to mention that I now have a podcast as well? You know, that podcast that is based on this here blog called KALEIDOSCOPE Time ? You can check out my podcast at http://www.anchor.fm/kaleidoscope-time/.

Anyways, once I come in for the orientation at this new job, then I shall try and work out a schedule in which I would find time to write good stuff on my blog, so hopefully things would work out…

In other words, it finally feels great to be hired for the very first time.

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