A Dog Named Bailey…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired background artwork by Jenn Webster)

One time, my family and I had a dog; The dog went by the name of Bailey, and I just wanted to tell you that Bailey is not really my dog-It belonged to my uncle and aunt. When I first moved to Dover, Delaware from Philadelphia after the unexpected death of my stepfather in 2011, and while I had begun to go through my living arrangements, I became accustomed to my family’s dog. Yes, that dog was pretty huge, but what can you do? Whenever I was around that dog, I would call him “doggie, doggie”; I got that line from an old Mickey Mouse cartoon which happens to be Mickey’s Good Deed… (Speaking of Mickey Mouse, you can find out a lot more about this iconic character who is turning 90 years of age by reading Mickey is 90-HOT DOG!!!…)
Now, I only wish that I would treat that dog with love, kindness, and respect, not to mention cuddling, but unfortunately, since Bailey belonged to my uncle and aunt, they are somehow very strict of the dog, with things such as almost always telling him to “go lay down, go lay down, go lay down”! Oh, why do they almost keep telling him to go lay down?! Dogs do not ever need to go lay down, especially when they are hyperactive at times-Shouldn’t they wait until he had calmed down so that he could be just petted and caressed first?! And my uncle and aunt should not really need to be too strict all the time to the dog-I would very much like to tell my uncle and aunt that dogs like Bailey need to be cuddled as well as petted, and then if they only they would have enough money to take such a dig like him to obedience school, then maybe he would try to behave normally.
Anyway, my family had our old dog for years, until one very day…Now, I do not remember what day it was, but I can surely remember that it was in the evening; I was trying to sleep at the time, having been awoken by my uncle, who informed me that Bailey had passed away. Now, I am not very sure what our now-deceased pet died from, I think I am guessing that it was from old age. 

After the passing of our dog, I think that he had been cremated and that his ashes had been stored away somewhere, I am not sure, but I felt certain that Bailey had lived quite a life for such a dog like himself. And yet, I had been having such sympathy for that dog while my uncle and aunt were strict with him; I think I know that they may be doing this for the fact that they are scared that he would bring them trouble, but do they think that they are really being strict to him out of fear of the dog getting into trouble?
Anyways, we have gotten a brand-new dog, and this one happens to be a female, which causes me to wonder: When would my uncle and aunt going to learn not to be too strict to dogs like her out of fear, and just treat them with love, cuddling, caressing? Don’t other people do that to their own dogs as well? 

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