What Makes a Teacher?

Since this coming Friday is World Teachers’ Day, I would very much like to answer this one question: What makes a good teacher? How can teachers get to be so very good at helping people all over the world learn how to manage things in life by themselves, so that they would be ready to encounter life?

Well, first and foremost, a teacher is a role that can be filled by anybody, be they male or female, black or white, it does not ever matter if they are of race, creed, color or religion; A teacher should provide his or her students with instructions that concern spelling, math, history. And not only those, but other instructions such as vocational training, craftsmanship, and even the arts.

The professional duties of the teacher might extend beyond teaching; They would accompany students in study hall and go on field trips, as well as serving for extracurricular activities as supervisors. The reason why teaching was and is a highly complex activity is because teaching is a social practice, in which takes place in a specific context, which happens to be the time, place, culture, etc., and reflects therefore the values of specific context.

There are different ways in which the role of the teacher who requires competencies are affected by; The teacher has four models: The teacher as a manager of instruction, as well as a caring person, expert learner and a cultural and civic person. In addition to those, the teacher must require the fact that he or she is working with others, working with knowledge, technology, and information, and working in and with society.

All in all, teachers happen to be the best kind of people, as well as having one of the most important jobs around, not just here in America, but all over the world. So, on October 5th, World Teacher’s Day, thank a teacher, whoever he or she is, for doing the most important work ever: Teaching you in helping you to grow in life.

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