Now I am officially in the month of October; For some people, I think, October means that the time has come to plan ahead of time for the upcoming holiday season…You know, that certain holiday season in which two of the most famous holidays come together in which we celebrate? Two holidays known as Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Anyway, for me, I use the month f October as a way to get ready ahead of time by planning on what type of Christmas gifts I would buy for my family, as well as making Christmas cards…You know, this reminds me of something in which I was supposed to do last year but did not: I have just created some new Christmas cards with pictures of the Nativity pasted on them, but I had never gotten the chance to send those to them. Now that I have found those cards, then hopefully I plan on finally giving them to my family this year instead of making them; Of course, I could make some new cards when I can find the time…

Now, as for the planning ahead of time in terms of gifts, I know that as an aunt of two adorable children, I am ever so full of surprises; However, last year I was going to give to them calendar gifts so that they could have them in their rooms, but never gotten the chance. But there was a plan B: Since the calendars that I have made came from the photo printing department at WalMart, I had mailed them to their address. So with such a thing in mind, I began to think that maybe this year I shall order gifts for my family online instead of running around all over the darn place to find the right kind of gift for each of them, because frankly, I am just about tired of all that running around…

And do you folks want to know the reason why? Because I am going to need that energy of running around for my new job as food server at the Dover Air Force Base; I would be doing a lot of running around so much that I would not ever find any time to run around town to buy Christmas gifts for my family. So, during the duration that I would be working at the Dover Air Force Base the Christmas shopping that I would be doing this year would be on line; My energy needs to be saved for my food service position.

As October begins and then heading into the middle of the month, that would also be the time that I would meditate on looking forward to the upcoming holiday season in which causes me to pause and reflect on what goals and other things that I have done in this past year; So far, I have accomplished what I have planned to do so far, and as far as setting the next set of goals for the coming year goes, well…Although setting goals is a good idea for setting my life on track, I may not always keep track of goals sometimes, but I think is that when I try and push myself to stick to those goals, with the Lord God’s help, then with hope, then I would do much better and then would succeed.

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