In Honor Of Columbus Day: ITALIAN DESSERT IDEAS! (No, Really…)

Columbus Day is this coming Monday, October 8th; It is the day in which we celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas on October 12th, 1492. Not surprisingly, the holiday has been observed by many Italian-Americans as a celebration of their heritage, and New York City was where the very first such celebration was held on October 12th, 1866. Through the lobbying of a man in Denver by the name of Angelo Noce, who is a first-generation Italian, Columbus Day became enshrined as a legal holiday in the United States, while the very first statewide holiday had been proclaimed by Jesse F. McDonald, a Colorado governor, in 1905, and it was then made a statutory holiday in 1907.

To celebrate while honoring this holiday, yours truly has personally selected these delectable Italian dessert ideas for you to create and wow your folks, all through the courtesy of that ever-sso-full-of-wonderfully-wonderful-ideas website, Pinterest

The most favorite dessert dish among Italians is the cannoli; Here is a rather interesting variation of this treat: Cannoli Dip!
Now, here is a tiramisu in which looks so easy to make; In fact it IS easy, as in: Easy Tiramisu!
Ricotta is a most popular cheese among both Italians and Italian-Americans; But did you know that ricotta can be added to desserts? Oh yes, as this dessert suggests: Lemon Ricotta Cake!
And finally…For those who love peach, as well as maybe ricotta, here is one dessert that’s just as entrancing as all of the other Italian desserts, and not only that, it’s SO PEACHY: Sweet Ricotta Italian Peach Cookies!

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