Here is a nice, little thought about going to work for the very first time tomorrow…

(Art illustration by Jenn Webster)

Well, this time tomorrow, I shall be leaving my daydreaming world behind, and to face the reality of going to work; Yes, there are times in which I would wish that I could just stay home, lie in my very own bed, and just daydream the days away, but then the reality sets in: How will daydreaming help you pay the bills? Thus, with so very much on my mind that have to do with learning how to live on my own as well as trying to learn how to manage the most important things on my own, such as doing taxes, I have no other choice but to face the fact that I have to go to work.

Yet, I have gone to work in some places before, but only for retail training: I have done so at Goodwill in 2015 and at Walgreens in 2016 where they have that REDI program; But where I would be going to work is not actually training, but I think a REAL work in which I would be doing for probably a long time: I have a position as a food service worker at the DAFB, Dover Air Force Base, in Dover, Delaware. And in case you are wondering, I have learned how to do retail, but doing food service is something I have never been taught to do before outside of retail training, and so with that, I am going to have a lot to learn, as in, learn how to prepare food, arrange food for meals, etc.

One can only wonder how either easy or hard that would ever be; That would all depend on how much good I would be able to do in my position as food service worker. And I know that from the very beginning I may not like it, but if I could try and focus on learning whatever things that I should be doing in terms of food, then maybe, just maybe, I would grow to love it just as much as I have fully grown to love to write and do art; But first, I just have to wait and see how everything works out…

I have been hoping and praying throughout those past few years while waiting to be hired into a position in which I would be so very comfortable with; Now, my prayers have been answered, and I shall very well be going to work. And do you want to know something else? I have my uncle to thank for all this. He has helped push me into the world of working; He may have lectured me one too many times into wanting me to go to work, and I wish that he would just stop because I know of all of those things that he knows already, but it would be so very much better for me to just let him say what he says this way…

Yes, my uncle may be bothersome for me at times, but what he had just done for me for all of those few years had been done out of love. Maybe he does not want me to live out on the street-He wants me to be in a job so that I can be comfortable and hopefully to live on my own. I have no other choice but to work in order to fulfill those goals, so with that, I shall go to work. Nothing else. Thank you, uncle, so very much.

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