Insanely Awesome Dessert Pizza Ideas to Spark Up National Pizza Month!

As most of you bloggers and blog followers out there have already known by now, this month of October is National Pizza Month; This food-themed observance was the brainchild of a man by the name of Gerry Durnell, who was a publisher for a magazine called Pizza Today, back in October of 1984; People observe this month by consuming various types of pizza or even pizza slices; Other people just simply go to pizzerias just to mark this month-long occasion. Throughout this special month honoring this yummy pie, some pizzerias offer giveaways of free pizzas or free pizza slices, or they sometimes offer reduced-price promotions. To help support various charities, some businesses would run fundraising drives, thus donating the proceeds of the pizza sales to various charities or organizations.

Oh, and what happens after one has consumed a slice or two of that pizza? Well, just serve dessert, but instead of any plain dessert, how about a dessert PIZZA?! Won’t that sound deliciously fun, won’t it?! But wait-which dessert pizza would you like to make to go along with the REAL pizza? Well, have no fear: The ideas site Pinterest has most of those dessert pizza ideas, and yours truly has personally selected some of them for you to try out so that they can dig in…

What one would just LOVE to have chocolate chip cookies after that slice of pizza? Or better yet, how about this as a REAL treat: Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza!
Fall is the most perfect time for apples, and this little idea is as wonderful as a crisp autumn day: Apple Dessert Pizza!
Now, here is one elegant idea that’s just as savory as it is scrumptious, and it shall very well go perfect with any pizza: Blackberry Basil Ricotta Pizza!
And finally, with Halloween just right around the corner, you might want to have this idea handy once your little ones get tired from all of that trick or treating and while they are waiting for their candy to be checked: Halloween Peanut Butter Cookie Pizza!

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