“Oh, wow, groovy! I’ve regenerated into that woman who has a husband and six kids, plus a maid…”

Just the other day, my cousin had watched that 11th series of that show that ain’t American, just as I had known it; With that, I had tried to not look at the TV as much as possible. Now, I would very much like to stress this to those who are new to my blog as well as those who have been visiting my blog in the past: I do not have anything against that show; It’s just that I think that this show is as wonky as it gets, and I for one do not have any interest for such a show as this. As you are reading this, yours truly is still scratching her head as to why people can ever get excited over a silly TV show that is imported from a country like England; Now, suppose Canadians would get very excited over a Swedish fairy who rides in a magical ice cream truck? Then maybe you would get a very clear picture of what I am talking about here…
I could just picture my cousin right now, sitting in front of the TV and just saying something like, “Oh, Jo-Dee, my lovely, you look so very ravishing this afternoon…Your beautifully gorgeous blond hair may reek of Hostess Twinkies (my own words, not really his), but I do not care! Jo-Dee, my darling, at last, I have finally found you! My heart leaps for joy, mon Cherie, so we shall very well have this most beautiful moment together! Oh, Jo-Dee, my love, kiss me!” (“Love is a Many Splendored Thing” plays in the background) (Hey, I am not saying that something like this could happen, but hey, I can dream, can I?!?)
Well, it certainly looks as though my cousin had been dressed for the occasion: He wore that blue elevator thingie shirt on. And yes, just as I have known it, my wacky cousin has fallen in love with that woman who looks like Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch; Cupid’s arrow had ultimately struck him. And so, it was with that that yours truly must now do all that I possibly could to break up that romance, and somehow fast. As I have already addressed many times before, I do not want to mention my cousin’s real name, for fear that I might get myself into real trouble, nor would I ever mention that TV show in which he had just watched, thank you very much! Just once more, I shall try to coax him, as well as my second cousin, whose name shall also not be mentioned, into trying to like something other than that TV show from British. Now, I might get my cousins to try and like a good Bob Hope special on YouTube, or maybe even try watching a PBS Doo-Wop special with Kenny Vance maybe, that could work…
If I had done a pretty good job of showing my stepdad the things that I like via my DVD collection, then why can’t I at least try to make my cousins like what I like, just for once, instead of that crazy, weirdo, wonky show like Docky-Wocky-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo?!? Does not my cousins ever get tired of that show anymore?! 

And yes, I know that kooky alien has two hearts…Well, yes, and the Smurfs are only three apples high!! Nevertheless, the time has come once again for yours truly to put her parody-filled tricks up her sleeve and to use whatever those tricks I would use for this here blog, for this common good: To try and get my cousins to change their screwy viewing habits and to watch something sensible, like, say, The Lawrence Welk Show. So it is with that that I fully well suggest that you stay tuned to KALEIDOSCOPE ( for future posts in which I plan to do some parody-filled damage to that British nusty-banana-coo-coo who thinks she is an alien from that planet that ain’t Mars or Venus or Jupiter or Saturn; So, Jo-Dee Whit-taker, I hope that you are not reading this…And my cousins, I very well hope that you are reading this, because I am doing this for the common good: To change your viewing habits and to try and get you to watch “The Brady Bunch Hour”… Or maybe Pink Lady and Jeff. 

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