(Finally) Going to Work…

First and foremost of all, I would like to thank all of you bloggers and blog followers for bearing with me in the past three days; Back on Tuesday, I finally went to work at a job for the very first time, as a food service worker for a company called Sodexo at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE; Let me explain how things went…

On my very first day on Tuesday, my employment specialist drove me to the Patterson dining facility on the base, and then I was taught how to do things that any food service worker would do, such as wiping tables and chairs, taking dishes to the dining area and put them in the proper place, mopping floors, and taking out the trash. And yes, I had a strawberry banana smoothie just to keep my energy up!

The second day of my job began with me having a little trouble-I had gotten somewhat a little lost at the base; And yes, I got a little bit carried away, but then I had calmed down enough to finally find my way to the dining facility. On the second day of my job, I had done the things I had done before: Cleaning, wiping, vacuuming, etc. While I had been doing all of these things, I watched a little bit of the news about the devastation that Hurricane Michael had caused over in the panhandle of Florida.

On the third day of my job, in addition to the cleaning, I had also done what I had learned when I did retail training back at Walgreens: I turned and faced each and every food product at the dining facility, so that the hungry Air Force service people shall see those products and then buy them, but only if they are attracted by the lovely product facing that I had done!

And so, that was how yours truly had her very first week at her very first job in practically forever; As far as writing for my blog and other things related to writing goes, I might have to go through a tight schedule; But other than that, it sure feels great to be able to finally do something that would make me feel happy and secure. Yes, I shall be doing this kind of work all over again on Tuesday…

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