Not Too Much Time For Your Chance to Share Your Thanksgiving Memories with the World…


Well, as this post’s title states, even though my Writer’s Cafe Memories of Thanksgiving writing contest has been extended to November 9th, there is not too much time for the members of that certain online community to submit their own writings of their Thanksgiving memories for their chance of having their stories told in a planned special on this here blog that is in light of my past special, Homemade Stories; If you have not even heard of the Writer’s Cafe and would like to find out more as well as how to join, then may I very well suggest that you go to
Now, as to how the writing contest works, here it is: Members of the Writer’s Cafe online writing community can submit their stories of their Thanksgiving memories in 650 words or less; Yours truly shall pick five lucky winning stories to be featured in a planned Thanksgiving-themed special series on KALEIDOSCOPE (! To learn more about this writing contest as well as how to enter, then please go to this link right here: But you only have until November 9th to submit your stories, because this contest over at the Writer’s Cafe comes to a close on the aforementioned date! So, with that, I say this: GOOD LUCK!  

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