And now, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there, time to change the subject…I very much hate to say this, but this here is very well true: You only have one week left to prepare your costume for Halloween; And for those of you who had to just simply wait until the very last minute, well, all I can very well say is…um…well, have no fear! The very fact of the matter is that you can make your very own Halloween costume at the very last minute-All it takes is a little imagination as well as a little dash of something called creativity.
Through the wonderful courtesy of that full-o-ideas website, Pinterest, yours truly as personally selected six of these creative last-minute costumes; Take a gander at them and tell me what you think of them in the comments below…

If you thought that tacky tourist from Cleveland from that TV show “Sha-Na-Na” was bad, well…Now, you can be that tacky tourist! And while you are at it, why not have your wife or girlfriend dress up as that tacky tourist’s girlfriend or wife or something…
Remember that most wonderful game that you used to play as a child called “Guess Who”? And since you happen to be couples, why not go as pieces of that certain board game, hmm?!
Ahh, what could be more wonderful than going out as Jodie Whitaker, er, wind-up toy…(I mean no offense)
Little boys who have ever wanted to be scuba divers when the grow up shall certainly love to live this ever-so-wonderful dream with this creatively fun costume…
Oh, how heavenly…Everybody wants to be a bubble bath for Halloween…
Or, should bubble baths be not one’s thing (and bubble baths are certainly MY favorite), then being a bunch of grapes would do…



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