There is No Better Time Than Right Now to Enter Your Thanksgiving Memories in My Contest…


Back on September 17th of this year, I had just created my “Memories of Thanksgiving” writing contest because I have this idea of doing another special for my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE ( in light of the moderate success of my past special, Homemade Stories, and I thought that this new contest would be another great way for me to showcase other writers’ work.
Well, it has since been a month when I started this contest, and do you want to know something else? NO ONE has submitted their stories of their Thanksgiving memories as of yet, and even though I have extended the writing contest to November 9th, time is surely running out!
I would very much like to invite you to submit your Thanksgiving memory stories to my contest over at the online writing community, the Writer’s Cafe, at this address right here; Yours truly shall select 5 winning stories, 4 of them as well as the honorable mention prize, and their stories shall be featured in my planned special over at my blog at All you have got to do is submit your stories of your Thanksgiving memories to my “Memories of Thanksgiving” writing contest in 650 words or less. Then, I shall choose those five lucky winners in which I shall have their stories featured in KALEIDOSCOPE! Again, all of the complete details are at the link right here

Please hurry and submit your story to my contest by November 9th, or else I shall have to close the contest for good and thus cancel the special. Submit your “Memories of Thanksgiving” stories today, and good luck…Oh, and by the way: Thank you so very much.  

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