COPYING & PASTING: How One Blogger Saves Time (Namely Me)…

As my ReadAloud Delaware supervisor would say, “Easy-peasy”…

I have decided to try something different a while back, and not only did I liked it, it actually helped me to save time when one tries to find it in terms of trying to follow the draft that I have written for my blogs: I began using Microsoft Word to write post drafts for my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE (; And then, I began to copy what I have written, and then paste it on my blog so that it can be published! Not only was this ever-so-easy, but also a wonderful time-saver because, since I now have a part-time job of food service work, and if I would write things instead of focusing what I should be doing, then I would be in trouble, that’s for sure…
Writing happens to be the most wonderfully important gift of talent a person like me can ever bestow; However, I might have to find time enough to write things since I would be too busy in my food service job, so the best thing that I would do is to try to create a writing schedule, so that I won’t have to miss out on what I want to write and whatever I should be writing.
On to another subject; Yesterday, I have gotten 200+ views of my blog, because one of my posts very much happens to do with National Cat Day! Wow, what a feat! But this is not the first time that this here blog has achieved a high view score: When I launched my blog as Dream In Music back on November 12th, 2012, I had 190 views because I had done a “Christmas Treasure of the Day” daily special, and that’s not all: I had also scored another high view, this time 430+, a few years ago, because I had done special posts to celebrate Jerry Blavat’s 75th birthday. Now, this high view score of 200+ is just another achievement for my blog, and as I have just mentioned, it is not the very first time that I had this many views, nor probably the last.

But just yesterday, I had begun to be so proud of my achievement that I almost forgot my smartphone! I was at the WalMart, and I was just charging my phone; When it came time for me to leave to go on the bus, as I sat and waited, I begun searching through my purse, and then begun shouting, “My phone!” that was when I realized that I had forgotten my phone which was inside the Walmart! So, I ran back in the store before the bus leaves, and then finally grabbed my phone before anyone would steal it. As I rode the bus all the way home, I clutched the phone in my hand so very tightly; That’s the bad thing about not focusing on the important stuff that you should be doing, and I for one had learned my lesson, because my phone had all of the things that are important to me, such as my calendar that has the days and times of when I should be at work. This happens to be, I think, the first time that I had nearly forgotten something that is so very important to me…But I am very much hoping that it would be the very last.


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