My First Halloween at Work…

Last week happened to be my very first Halloween in my first-time job, so I figured that I had to do this sort of thing right; They were going to have a Halloween costume contest, so it was with that that I had decided to try something in terms of costuming to surprise them…

So I went to the Dollar General store in Felton, DE, and I had chosen the most unbelievable ideas for the most unbelievable costume: Bunny ears and Christmas jewelry: 🐰 🎄! With that kind of a mash-up, I thought, it would surprise even the judges who would be judging this contest…

And sure enough, I went to work one Halloween in the get-up that I had been planning: Wearing bunny ears and Christmas jewelry, and just as I had expected, even though I never thought they would be THAT surprised, the judges became so impressed with my costume idea; Even one of my co-workers began laughing at how I looked that day!

And then later, because of my outrageous costume mash-up, to my greatest surprise and shock, I won first prize in the costume contest of $50! I could not ever be so happier in all of my life. It just goes to show that giving people the most wackiest of surprises in which makes people laugh and be happy can have its rewards… And yes, one could be rewarded by giving them good surprises that makes them happy, too…🐰🎄😉

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