THE FOODS OF THANKSGIVING: Butterball, What a Name for a Turkey!

(Background art by Jenn Webster)

It is time once again for a special series on KALEIDOSCOPE, and today, since Thanksgiving is coming up later this month, our new special series this time will focus on the foods that have helped shaped this very special holiday of giving thanks for all of the wonderful blessings in the past year…
Today, we shine our very first spotlight on not really a company, but actually a trademark: This trademark was registered as trademark #378,438 on June 11th, 1940 by a Wyoming, Ohio native by the name of Ada Walker. The trademark was later purchased in February of 1951 by Leo Peters, who then licensed the name to Swift & Co. for a decade before it was sold in the 1960s; the name of “Butterball” had been sold by Peters to Swift, which had been acquired by ConAgra in 1990. Peters has since retained the rights to use the name of Butterball Farms for his butter and butter-shaped products, and that company operates as such today.

   Butterball itself, on the other hand, happens to be a well-known brand when it comes to Thanksgiving turkeys because it happens to be a brand of turkey as well as other poultry products that have been and are produced by Butterball LLC. Oh, and here is a not-so-uninteresting fact: Butterball also sells these products under its name, products such as turkey bacon, ground turkey, turkey burgers (HUH?!?), and turkey cuts, as well as cold cuts and sausage.

Butterball has a Thanksgiving tradition of its very own, one that got its start late in 1981, and it’s a toll-free phone line called the Turkey Talk-Line, and it has been helping customers with their Thanksgiving cooking and preparation questions. Today, each Thanksgiving, it still helps amateur cooks everywhere; The most frequent question happens to be this: How long does a turkey take to defrost? And NO, by turkey, I do not mean Matt Lauer!! (yuk, yuk, yuk!)
Butterball still makes Thanksgiving dinners as memorable today as it was all of those years ago, so with the beginning of this special series, we salute Butterball: a name synonymous with Thanksgiving that says it all!

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