THE FOODS OF THANKSGIVING: Mmm, Mmm, Good Chicken Broth!

(Background artwork by yours truly!)

Our special series in which we take a look at some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods/food products that helped shaped the most blessed holiday in which we celebrate every year continues with a look at one of those Thanksgiving foods, a food in which one can eat alone, but mostly it is used to prepare other dishes such as soups and sauces; And contrary to popular belief, I do not think it could be used in making pumpkin pie: It’s the chicken broth!
The chicken broth has quite a long, long, LONG history, and its beginnings can be traced back to the late 18th century, by an American-born physicist by the name of Count Rumford (1753-1814) who, during his service to the Elector of Bavaria, had invented as well as mass-produced a broth that happens to be fully nutritious, as well as solidified stock of bones, along with inexpensive meat by-products and other ingredients, thus feeding the Elector’s army with it.

   For many years the broth had been made using animal bones; The broth may also be added to egg whites during simmering once it becomes necessary to clarify. With such, the egg whites would then coagulate, thus trapping sediment and turbidity into an easily strained mass.
Liquid broths in which they are prepared commercially are available: In addition to chicken, there is also vegetable and beef broth. The most popular food brand that makes chicken broth happens to be Swanson, a company that was founded in 1899; That company, which is also known for making TV dinners, has been making its chicken broth for years.
There are recipes for those who plan on using their chicken broth for their own Thanksgiving dinners, and you can find them at this link:


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