About My Own Birthday…

“Happy Birthday to me…” (That shall happen on the 27th of November…)

When I was a little girl, I was surprised to learn from my grandmother that not only do the members of my family have their own birthdays, but I was told that I have a birthday as well, and that they would be celebrating my birthday. It makes me blush with delight to know that I have my own birthday in November, and somehow every year, I would have my family, and even myself, try to make my birthday go as smoothly as it can be…
But there happens to be sort of forks in the road when it comes to my birthday; First, it is sandwiched between Thanksgiving and the days that lead up to Christmas, and with such timing as that, I have this fear that my family would ultimately forget about my birthday, and if they would, then I would be so very sad. I really do not want to be sad on my birthday. Another thing that would cause my birthday to not go so well happens to have something to do with presents; When I was a child, I would get about three or four gifts on my birthday, but it seems that as I have gotten older, I have been receiving fewer gifts, and last year the only gift that my uncle and aunt gave to me was a gift card. Something in my mind tells me: Have I become too old to be receiving gifts for my birthday? Of course, I have received gifts for my birthday in the past when I was a wee little kid, but now, that lone birthday present has gotten me to wonder: Have I suddenly begun to outgrow receiving birthday gifts? Am I suddenly beginning to lose any interest in receiving birthday gifts, especially when my birthday is coming up again this year?

And furthermore, what if in a few years time someone in my family is getting married and that they set the wedding date on my birthday, November 27th, and that they would be so very busy preparing for the wedding that they would almost forget about my birthday, then they would finally remember my birthday, but then they would celebrate it too late, and then I would have to wait for a whole, entire year for my birthday to come around again, and then I would somehow celebrate it…

I hope that if somewhere down the road someone in my family sets a wedding date on my own birthday, they would not ever forget me.
Now, as much as I would like to have my birthday go as well as it can be, on some occasions, it is not the case; In November of 1996, I was expecting to have my grandmother make a chocolate caramel cake for my birthday, but suddenly, she and I have caught the flu. Then, my grandmother was taken to the hospital; I was later told by a member of my family, my 2nd uncle, that my grandmother had a heart attack as well as two strokes, and as if fate just wants things to go very worse for me, I ended up living with my mother and my stepfather. Those years living with them were just a struggle as they could ever be: My mother, having given up alcohol a few years ago, suddenly went back to drinking, while my stepfather became a heroin addict.
Both my grandmother and my mother are gone now, and my stepfather has since been clean from his heroin addiction before he passed away in December of 2011 and I was forced to move in with my own aunt and uncle. However, in the first full year that I had been living with them, in 2012 they gave me a birthday cake and a night of eating out. They became so very special to me on my birthday that day…

   Today, I finally have a job now after so many years of searching, as a food service worker for Sodexo at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base, and yes, I am still living with my uncle and aunt, but hopefully someday I shall have a one-bedroom apartment of my very own. I had seen that one of my co-workers was celebrating a birthday, so there might be a pretty good chance that I might be having my own birthday at my place of work, who knows? I just hope that it would go as smoothly as I hope it would be…


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