🐚Announcing the Winner of My EBook, “The Sea Centaur”!🐚

Well, last week I think, I had begun a giveaway in celebration of the recent release of my eBook, The Sea Centaur, in which only one winner would digitally receive the prize…

Well, it turns out that there was no winner in that giveaway, but I had then created a new giveaway in which people such as yourselves would have another chance at becoming a winner of my eBook. And so, I am so very happy to announce that we FINALLY have a winner, and the winner is: JAMIE M.! Congratulations on winning the prize, Jamie-I am glad that you have gotten my eBook, and I hope that you enjoy it! For those of you who have entered in my giveaway and did not win, I am sorry that you did not win, but you can purchase my Amazon Kindle Edition eBook, The Sea Centaur, either for your Kindle or your tablet or smartphone device that has got a Kindle app, at the Amazon Kindle Store at http://www.amazon.com!

Be sure to stay tuned to my blog, because very soon I am about to have another giveaway, this time it involves another of my eBooks, namely The Spirits of The Seasons: (A science-fantasy); In the meantime, if you have missed any of my past posts or would like to read them again, then I very well suggest that you visit here today at http://www.jenniferkaleidoscope.com!

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