sQuIbBlEs By JeNn WeBsTeR

This week, on November 23rd, to be exact, marks the 55th anniversary of a certain wonky program that ain’t American about a British weirdo who pretends to be an alien nut from a planet that ain’t Mars (I mean no offense to all of you crazy Whovians out there…); To help mark this occasion, I have created this photo collage collection of some of the Docky-Wockys from…that…er…show…

That mutt must have liked those gummi bear rip-offs known as jelly babies…
(NOT) Fantastic…
Hey, look, it’s that 10th Docky who looks like Mister Rogers…
We’ll let him decide whether or not dogs are cool…
Mmm, pretty funny, we SWEAR!!!(yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk)

And finally, we a brand-new Docky who goes by the name of 13…

Uhh, better stash them custard creams elsewhere, sister! (yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk!)

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