Truly Thankful…

(Background art by Jenn Webster)

Thanksgiving is going to be coming up soon before any of us know it…I am pretty much sure that there’s going to be plenty of people who will be spending Thanksgiving being thankful for each and every blessing that they have.
As for myself, for Thanksgiving this year, I have finally found something to be thankful for: A first-time job. Of course, long before I was hired, I had been expecting to be hired at other jobs, such as arranging clothes at a department store at a shopping mall like the Dover Mall in Dover, DE, or even a stock person at any supermarket such as Redner’s or Safeway. But all of a sudden, I have finally found that most perfect job in which I am finally comfortable with, and that happens to be a food service worker at the Dover Air Force Base in the Patterson Dining Facility. You know, come to think of it, this place is sort of a home away from home for me, a place where I can be comfortable, and away from the loudmouthed noise of my family…(I meant no offense to them…)

For all of those past few years, I have prayed and prayed to the Lord God and asked Him to bless me with a job; I have been so very patient with the Lord while I had been praying for the day when I would be given gainful employment, and finally, after so many years of waiting, God has finally given me that gainful employment. Every day I thank Him for that gift, and I shall continue to follow Him even after I have been blessed with gainful employment, and yes, I am going to need the Lord God’s help in this matter in the days, weeks, and months to come, because I am going to need Him now more than ever before.
As Thanksgiving approaches, how I am so very grateful that I finally have a job, a job that makes me so very happy and that it has people that I can be around with. Yet, even though I am finally in the workforce now, somehow I still feel very sorry for most people who still haven’t found any reason to be thankful for, because somewhere, I think, most people, especially families, live below the poverty line and are trying to make ends meet in their jobs, but although they have jobs, their paychecks do not go so very far enough, and I began to wonder if those people have any medical insurance? Can they afford them? What if their children get sick, or worse, need an operation or even have cancer? Well, all I can say is that when their paychecks don’t go far enough to pay for their medical bills, then they would have to sell some of their possessions to pay off those bills. Or should the children get hungry every day, and their parents’ paycheck doesn’t go far enough on that either? Well, they would do the same thing as I have mentioned…

Or maybe the very best option would be to go to a food pantry and get free food, because that is what they are there for: To help feed families who cannot afford a decent meal for either themselves or their children. And I am sure hoping that those food pantries would provide turkey and plenty of goodies for when Thanksgiving arrives so that those struggling families would have at least something to be thankful for, food on the table.
And so with that, my friends, while you plan on celebrating Thanksgiving with your families with the thought of being thankful for all that you and your family have got, say a Thanksgiving prayer for those who are still struggling and are still trying to find ways to be thankful for. May the Lord God watch over and bless them.


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