SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!: The Winners of My “Spirits of The Seasons” Giveaway!

Well, that giveaway came and ended quickly, huh?!

Anyhoo, I am very happy to announce that 6 lucky people have received an early Christmas present of their prize of my eBook, The Spirits of The Seasons(A science-fantasy); The winners are: Karen E., Brenda H., chris n., Bernadine L., Chasity, and W. N.! My heartfelt congratulations to all six winners-I hope that you shall enjoy your prize just as much as I have the pleasure of doing an eBook such as The Spirits of The Seasons…

To those of you who have entered in my giveaway but did not win, I am so very sorry that you have not done so, but you can purchase The Spirits of The Seasons (A science-fantasy) over at the Amazon Kindle Store at http://www.amazon.com!

I shall set up another giveaway after the Thanksgiving holiday, and this time it shall involve another of my eBooks, The Sea Centaur! In the meantime, once again, congratulations to the six winners of my giveaway!

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