How Can There Be Thanksgiving in Spite of The Bad?


You know, this happens to be a difficult post for me to write; Yes, Thanksgiving is indeed coming up this week, but then, I begun to think: Although I had been trying to keep positive thoughts on Thanksgiving as well as the many blessings that it brings, and still do, soon my thoughts begun to be filled with so very much that has happened in the news recently, especially in a place called California: First, a shooting, and then, a wildfire. It seems that there could just be no end in sight for those wildfires that keep raging on…
And then my thoughts began to turn to something else: How would those people who have lost their loved ones in the shooting be thankful? Would they be thankful that they are alive, or will they be facing that very first Thanksgiving without their loved one near? And what about those other people, those who have just lost their homes to those wildfires? Would they be thankful that they are still in one piece, or that they would do so while they would be facing their first Thanksgiving, as well as their very first Christmas, homeless?

Well, I wish with all my heart that I have the answer to all those questions, as my thoughts are still swirling in my mind as to how they would be facing such things…

However, I do not think that we should gloom our own holiday plans with those sad thoughts as these; I think that they only best way that we can ever feel good is to just simply help those who have been affected by those wildfires, through donations, and if it is possible, we could send a message of hope, blessings, and love to those families who have lost their loved ones in that tragic shooting. I know that it is going to be a tough holiday season for all of them, but the least we can ever do is to make things just a little brighter for them, not just at the holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but beyond.
I love helping people out; It’s what I do, and that what I shall always do in the days, weeks, and months to come.


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