Her Last Thanksgiving…

Back in September of this year, I had started a contest over at the online writing community that is known as the Writer’s Cafe (www.writerscafe.org), in which writers submit their writing of their Thanksgiving memories in the chances of having them featured in a special that I had been planning; The contest has since ended, and only one entrant has submitted her story, in which has been awarded as the sole first prize. Her story is entitled, “Her Last Thanksgiving”; The story’s author’s name is Maria, and we at KALEIDOSCOPE would like to congratulate her on her most touching story. On this Thanksgiving Day, here now is her story…

(Background art by Jenn Webster)

“My dear mom passed away last year in February of 2017. And she fought 5 and a half long years against her cancer. She made an effort to be present at the last Thanksgiving dinner I hosted at home.”

In November of 2016, my mom made an effort to join in the Thanksgiving celebration of that year, knowing it would be her last.

I tried to not give it much a thought. She had made it this far, so I hoped against hope, that she still live another year. I had an argument with my dad, because he did not think it was fair for me to have a party at the house, with my mother being so ill, yet she told him to let me do it because she enjoyed the company of my friends. So with her blessing, I preceded to prepare the food, and she helped me decorate the house. The day arrived and the guests came, and my mother put on her bravest smile yet and did her best to eat some food because, at the time, she was already eating less and less. And everyone that met her would see, deep within her eyes, just how much she loved me and was grateful, that they were my friends.

We ate and made jokes, and of course, had dessert. After that, we had moved to the living room, and played a few games. Towards the end of the lovely evening, some of my friends took out some instruments and started to play some songs. and my mother was so happy that she requested they play two songs, in which she joined by singing, for the very last time.

Tears fell, and my heart crumbled, as she did her best to give her very last performance, and in that song, she was saying farewell to all, even me. And after she was finished, she had tears of gratitude and asked that they never leave my side and keep me company, once she was no longer here.

And so the evening ended, and everyone left. My mom gave me a big hug and reminded me that in spite of our many differences on certain things, she had tried her best, and knew that she had failed in some areas, but that she never had stopped loving me, not even once.

And so it was, that this ended up being her very last Thanksgiving.

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