44 Going on 45…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired frame art by Jenn Webster)

Today, I turn 44 years of age; In the very next year, I shall turn 45. Funny how time flies when you are achieving your dreams, doesn’t it? It seems that time has somewhat gone by since that very day I was born 44 years ago, on November 27th, 1974; It was on a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving in my former home in Philadelphia, and my grandmother was preparing for that holiday the very next day when all of a sudden, my mother’s water broke, and she went into labor. The family was at the hospital later, and then, there I was, out of my mother’s womb, and on to the scene, even though I was pretty much bawling’…
Wow, so much time has gone by since the day I had come into the earth; As a child, I had gone through many trials, such as my mother’s alcoholism, and one of my aunts becoming pregnant out of wedlock. (My first cousin would make that similar mistake when he pregnated his now-former girlfriend out of wedlock years later.) I continued to have trials even in my young adult life, as well as in my adult years, such as my stepfather being addicted to a drug called heroin, and my mother had since gone back into drinking. I began to think that I had suffered so very much with my family in my life that I wondered if there was any way out of this…

Fortunately, before it became too late, there was; In the year 2000, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ, the one who has paid the ultimate price for my sins by dying on the cross. I had become a Christian, and had been so for the past 18 years…

My grandmother, mother, and stepfather are all gone now, but I forgive them for the many flaws that they have suffered; I have tried not to follow those flaws as very much as I possibly can, with the help of the Lord God. But in recent years, with my family in which I am living with now, they have become so very much difficult with me that I had begun to have a struggle with my Christian faith, and to whether or not my faith is any much worth it because of my family’s difficulty…
And yes, during those recent times, Satan keeps popping up with as many lies as only he can spew, saying things like “Hey, God would never, ever change your family, and you will never be able to put up with your faith because of them! Just turn your back on God and go back to your old ways, because your family’s always doing them for years, anyway!” But somehow, God starts to whisper in my ear, saying that He does not ever want me to do anything like that, because Satan is lying, and he has always been nothing but a liar from the very beginning. And that was when I had gathered up enough courage to take the Lord God at His very word.
And so, with that, I never give up on my family, even in spite of their mental and emotional flaws. So, I am going to keep on and keep on praying in the hopes that one day soon, my own family would finally change.

Getting back to my birthday today, I have indeed grown older, both in mind and in faith, and yes, I am so very happy to have my own birthday today…I just hope that I would be spoiled rotten and get presents!!


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