Who Touched That Dial?!

It has been a month since I had first begun my food service job at the Dover Air Force Base in good ‘ol Dover, Delaware…The food service company in which the dining facility where I work is operated by is called Sodexo, and sometime in a future post in the new year I shall try and gather enough information to bring you the entire backstory on that company…

But in the meantime, there is something that I somehow had to share with you, even though some of you may find this story a little odd at first; When I came back to work this week, I had noticed that on two of the last televisions that the dining facility had, one has CBS on instead of CNN, and the third and last TV had Fox Sports 1 instead of Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

Now, I know it sounds crazy, but somehow, I miss CNN & Judge Judy…Oh no, I really do not care for either of them, it’s just that I do not mind having them on TV, and I just use them as a way to just distract me while I am working. Again, I know this sounds goofy, but wanted to share something like this with all of you…

It’s somehow strange that, when a place of business has one or two televisions (or even three), and that they have been tuned to the same different channels and some person enjoys putting up with something on the tube that distracts them while working, then sooner or later someone else’s taste would change and then they would go and change the channels and find something that THEY would like in which would distract them while working…Then, how would the others think of that?

Maybe the folks at that dining facility where I work would tune those televisions back to those original channels very soon…

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