To Tamera, With Love, From Jenn W…

(Zentangle(R)-inspired background art by Jenn Webster)

    Back in early November, as I was about to head on out to the door to go to my job, I had heard the news that there was a shooting at a college nightclub in a place called Thousand Oaks, California; I had also heard that 12 people had lost their lives, including the gunman. However, even though I do not know very much of her, there happens to be one person whose own loss gripped me the very most…
While I was waiting for my uncle (or is it my aunt?) to take me home, I have just heard of the news that the niece of the actress named Tamera Mowry-Housley, had just gone missing during the shooting. So, even though I hoped along with her that her niece would be alive, well, and safe…But unfortunately, things did not turn out very well: Tamera’s niece was among the 12 who were killed in the shooting. And somehow, I felt very bad for her and for her loss, and do you want to know something else? She also said that her now-late niece was like a sister to her.

I just could not ever believe it. She has lost her very own niece, and that while I am here in 30+degree weather, 3,000-miles away a woman is in grief because she has lost her niece in that horrible shooting; And while my heart breaks for Tamera, meanwhile a wildfire had just broken out, in which it has now been contained as of this writing. And then, all sorts of questions began to swirl in my mind: How will Tamera and the rest of her family going to survive this tragic loss? And how were the other people who had also just lost their loved ones going to survive their griefs, as well as a wildfire that was raging at the time?

Mourners pay their respects to Alaina

   Well, while I was heartbroken for Tamera and her family, I began to think that, through someone’s words, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, so that was when the thinking began that, maybe, just maybe, Tamera and her family has had quite a big lemon, and I began thinking that they are going to have quite a lemon of a Christmas. So that was when I began to show kindness as well as sympathy to the family, because, after all, that’s what Christians such as myself are supposed to do, right? Right!
So, I paid a visit to Tamera’s Twitter page, and then I went to work on creating a message for her; I used my Microsoft word processing skills to create a document in which I could take a picture of, and then put it on her twitter page, in which I tell her, as well as Alania’s parents, something like this:
“I understand and know the feeling…I myself have experienced unexpected losses-I should know of such: I have lost both my mom and my stepfather, as well as my grandmother, so I know what it is very well like to go through such a grief in which all three of you are having right now…”

So you can see is that I had to tell them that I had been there-That I had experienced such painful losses in my life myself. And then what I wrote next may sound strange at first, but listen to the following, and maybe you’ll understand what love should really mean, especially at a time of the year such as Christmas: “I know that it might not sound like a good idea, but may I suggest that you go and get yourselves a nice pet, or even a porcelain doll for your home this Christmas? Now, I know that it will not ever replace your niece (and your daughter), but at least it might make your Christmas, and maybe all of your days, just a little bit brighter. May the Lord God put His loving arms around you while He watches over you…”
I guess that, even though we are strangers, the Lord God has decided that this kind of moment has made me somehow a friend of Tamera, although we do not know each other all that much and that we are very far apart. So with that, I close that message with a certain simple greeting: A very blessed Christmas, and much joy and happiness in the New Year beyond. With Love-Jennifer W.  

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