Holly-Jolly Sugar Cookie Ideas!

Well, now that yours truly has told you of the short, but sweet, backstory of the sugar cookie, then maybe it is time for you to make those special kinds of cookies this Christmas season; And yes, you are going to be stuck for ideas on what kind of sugar cookie you would create…
Have no fear-The good folks over at that chock-full-o-ideas website, Pinterest, has those yummy sugar cookie ideas, and I have selected some of them for you to try out…

If plain sugar cookies just aren’t your thing this year, then go traditional and try this unique idea: Brown Sugar Cookies!
Of course, nothing beats the time-honored Christmas sugar cookie, one that has been enjoyed by many and would continue to be enjoyed for many Christmases to come…
Does any of you enjoy Red Velvet? They are the most popular dessert on the planet, especially at a very special time of the year called Christmas; this sugar cookie is a variation of this timeless dessert: Red Velvet Sugar Cookies!
And finally…Everyone enjoys a good truffle at Christmas, so it is definitely no surprise that when you combine the truffle and the sugar cookie together, it is a match made in holiday baking heaven: Sugar Cookie Truffles!


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