Well, that went by quick, again…My final giveaway of 2018 is now officially history once again, but before I announce the winners there is something that I would very much like to share with you: Whenever I start a giveaway and then set the end date for a week later, there comes the announcement that there have already been winners before that end date. I really do not know why this has happened, but hopefully I shall contact those people sometime in the new year and see what happened with the change when it comes to planning on creating future giveaways…

But for now, it is time to announce the winners of my final giveaway of 2018, and they are: crystal s., Debbie S., Page B., and Melissa P…Now, I am still waiting for the announcement of the fifth winner of my giveaway, and once the announcement is made, I shall bring it to you. Meanwhile, I would very much like to say to those winners who may be reading this here: Congratulations, and I hope that you enjoy your prize just as much as any gift that you would be receiving this Christmas! As for those of you who have entered in the giveaway but did not win, I would like to say that I am sorry that you did not win, but you can purchase your very own digital copy of The Sea Centaur at the Amazon Kindle Store at; It makes a wonderfully great Christmas gift for those you love!

After KALEIDOSCOPE ( takes its annual break for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, then hopefully I shall have another giveaway. In the meantime, may I wish all of you Kindle readers out there a very merry and blessed Christmas!

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