Here is an update regarding one of the winners of my giveaway that concerns my eBook, The Sea Centaur; An announcement has been made that there had been a 5th winner in the giveaway, but unfortunately it did not complete the requirements of the giveaway. So, all that we have are these 4 winners who are the lucky recipients of my eBook.

I shall set up a brand-new giveaway after the Christmas holiday season is finished, which happens to be sometime at the beginning of the New Year; In the meantime, you can purchase my newest fantasy romance The Sea Centaur, written by yours truly and features illustrations that I have drawn almost 10 years ago, and in which also happens to be inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s most treasured fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, over at the Amazon Kindle Store by going to http://www.amazon.com!

KALEIDOSCOPE is going to be taking a hiatus for the holidays very soon; You can catch up on all of the past posts that you have missed by visiting http://www.jenniferkaleidoscope.com!

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