It’s Ever-So-Very Great to Be Back to Blogging Again!

And I REALLY do mean it!

Well, it sure looks like yours truly had finally earned a long rest, I mean, a rest that is a little bit longer than in previous holiday seasons in which I had taken time off in the past; But while it is good that I do need that kind of time off after all of that writing, blogging and sharing stuff via social media, I somehow miss the fact that I love hearing from all of you bloggers and blog followers out there who have wanted to catch up on the things that I have shared with you throughout the past 6 years, and shortly I shall share with you on what I have been doing on my time off…
But first and foremost of all, let me inform you folks that this here blog has undergone another makeover, in terms of backgrounds; Once again, I had relied on one of my most favorite hobbies of all, doing Zentangle(R), and if you want to learn all about this wonderful art hobby, then may I very well suggest that you go to Now, the new background art for my blog is my own Zentangle(R)-inspired artwork, and I very much hope that you enjoy it as much as I had the pleasure of creating it to give my very own blog an all-new personal touch, which happens to be my own.

And so with that announcement out of the way, I would like to share with you what I had done during my time off from blogging…I had done some meditative art (Zentangle(R) is a meditative art, right?), and then I had done doing word search puzzles again, after having been away from doing this most favorite hobby of mine for quite some time…Hopefully, I would continue to do more of the same word search fun in this new year, since I have now gotten a new word search book from Amazon a while back.
I finally got to spend some time with my family during the Christmas holiday season; My uncle and aunt had the annual Christmas party; It’s not really a large party in terms of the size of the guests and family members, but nevertheless it was just as good as any Christmas gathering that I have attended. The very first one that I have attended was not very long after my mother died, in 2004; Back then, my family was a lot younger. I would attend such Christmas parties in Dover for the next 6 years afterward. The next Christmas party was back in 2011; Little did I know that a few days later, something tragic would change my life forever…
That brings me to the next thing that I am about to tell, and that happens to be the anniversary of my stepfather’s shocking and unexpected death; Now, I really do not want to depress anyone with what I am about to say next, but I would very much like to say that somehow, I dread this anniversary. I do not know why, I just do. On the night of December 28th, I was listening to a playlist that I had created of the oldies tunes that I have listed in 2011 when all of a sudden, while he was eating, my stepfather began to have some kind of stomach problem or chest pains or something. He called 911, and then he had been rushed to the hospital.

All throughout the night, I prayed while I worried, but hoping that he would recover from whatever was wrong with him. The very next morning, I got a call from the hospital, telling me to get here as soon as possible. So with that, I rushed to the hospital just as fast as I could. And then, I was taken to the ICU, and there was my stepfather, and it seems that he does not appear to be so very well at all. I prayed for him to get better as I began to weep for him. The moment that something was very wrong with my stepfather, I started crying, and the nurse took me to a room…

Later, one of the workers at the hospital asked if there was someone in my family that they would contact, because they told me that my stepfather was very, very sick and that he would not be able to make it. I told them that I have a brother, I gave them his phone number, and they contacted my brother. Soon, my brother came and picked me up from the hospital and to his home; A while later, my brother informed me that my stepfather had passed away. I was crushed. I thought he could make it, but he did not. I have never been so very heartbroken in all of my entire life.
My stepfather was everything to me, and with good reason: He became a father that I never had, and although he had been through such personal struggles himself, such as his struggle with heroin, he tries as hard as he ever could to become as good a father as he would ever be…
I found out later that my stepdad had died from something called Cardiomyopathy(I forget what that actually was); My uncle, brother and I took his ashes from Philadelphia, as well as my other belongings, all the way to Dover, Delaware, and that was right there and then that I would begin to have this strange, new life unfold before me…

Fast-forward several years later: Still living in Dover, Delaware, I am now a food service worker for a company called Sodexo that is placed at the Patterson Dining Facility at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. things in my family have also changed dramatically since I had lived with my family all of those years ago since the death of my stepfather, but I really do not want to go into the details, because that would fill up this entire blog post. But what I do want to share with you guys is that I have also spent my time off working at that dining facility, focusing on the things that I should be doing, such as vacuuming and cleaning windows, as well as facing the products, something that I had learned during the REDI program at Walgreens almost 3 years ago.
Well, it looks like that another Christmas holiday season has come and gone, until next year that is; And now, yours truly is finally back at her very own desk, and waiting to bring you once again the best posts that I could ever cook up for you in 2019, as long as my work schedule allows. So, may I ask that you please stick around, hmm?! It’s so very good to be back to blogging once again…



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