Meditatively Reading…

Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy…

Yes, in case some of you might have missed it, I have returned to blogging yesterday; And I do know that I have got a lot of writing work ahead of me in this year when it comes to planning out and creating blog posts, but not just that, I also write, or have written, eBooks as well, and one such as myself is pretty much certain that there are more eBooks in which I plan to write in the future, if not the near-future…

One thing that helps me with my writing is the fact that I read, at most times if not a whole lot; I would very much like to see me something with you which would be interesting and that maybe you folks could use it sometime…When I read the words through the pages of a certain book, in fact, ANY certain book, then I would meditate on those words, allowing them to enrich my mind. When I read the Bible every day, I meditate on His words, while allowing His words to enrich my soul as well as my mind, helping me to become a much better person by the help of the Lord.

I guess that what they say is very well true: When you read, your mind goes on an adventure; And when one reads, it certainly helps a person such as myself to write much more better as anything as a writer could ever do.

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