New Year, New Giveaway!!!

(Background doodle art by yours truly!)

Well, here we are in a brand-new year, 2019 that is, and with that new year that is now officially here, the time has finally come for another new giveaway! Yes, you folks heard me that correctly: I have just started my first all-new giveaway of the new year, and once again, it involves a certain eBook in which I have released this past year, a tale inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s most cherished classics, The Little Mermaid; And the tale is of course entitled: The Sea Centaur!
Now this time, the purpose of this new giveaway is this: You could be among the 25 lucky winners of this giveaway…Yes, you have heard me right: I am going to give away 25 digital copies of my eBook, The Sea Centaur, and you, my dearest readers, could very well be among those 25 winners who shall be very well lucky enough to own it! The Sea Cenataur is a story of how far one would go to get to be with the one that you love, and that especially has happened to a girl named Marisa, who belongs to a race of half-human/half-seahorse creatures known as sea centaurs! After rescuing a shipwrecked clothing heir, and by which she falls in love with, Marisa plans to go to great lengths to be with that man that she has just fallen in love with…
The Sea Centaur is a tale in which I think that everyone should enjoy, written by yours truly and features cartoon illustrations in which I have drawn 10 years ago! And guess what? You could be among the 25 lucky winners who shall digitally receive my Amazon Kindle Edition eBook! To enter for your chance to win, please go to this link right here;  But you better hurry and enter now, because this very first giveaway of 2019 comes to an end on January 18th, 2019, at 11:59 PM PST (That’s January 19th, 2019, at 2:59 AM, EST)

So with that, may I very well suggest that you swim on over to this link here and enter today, and who knows? You could be the winner! Good luck!



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