SHINE ON: The History of The Flashlight


As most of you readers have not already known by now, winter has officially begun, and with winter come winter storms; And you know what winter storms do to those who have electricity, don’t cha?! Well, not only do winter storms bring in cold air, but they can also bring about winds that can knock trees and even power lines down…And you know what happens next, right?! The power goes out, and you are in the dark! So, what do you do? You get flashlights, naturally, but try not to trip on anything…(OUCH!!!) Oops!
But seriously, folks, a flashlight is the very best kind of device to have on hand in case of power outages that are caused by either weather or otherwise stupidity (I meant no offense); Outside of the good ‘ol U.S. of A., especially that country whose accent is where those British martians speak, it is called a torch…hmm, think it isn’t OK to light a fire with a flashlight?! But in mechanical terms, a flashlight happens to be an electric light that is portable, while its light’s source usually is either an incandescent light bulb, or, in recent years, a light-emitting diode, or LED. The flashlight is the most useful tool anywhere, consisting of the light source that is mounted in a reflector, a transparent cover in which to protect the light source and reflector, and a battery as well as the switch. Flashlights are protected and supported by a case. Now, if any of you are asking just where the flashlight comes from and how they got to be, then lend an ear, and I shall tell you the story…
In 1899, dry cell as well as miniature incandescent electric lamps were invented, which made the first battery-powered flashlights possible; Today they are just mostly used as incandescent lamps or light-emitting diodes running on rechargeable or disposable batteries. There are other flashlights that are powered by someone turning the crank or just simply shaking the lamp, while there happen to be other flashlights that have solar panels-In short, if you want to recharge a battery in the flashlight, all you’ve got to do is use sunlight! That is, if it is not too cloudy…

People use flashlights for general purposes, but there happen to be other flashlights that are specially designed, basically for campers as well as miners, namely head or helmet-mounted flashlights. Other flashlights have been made to use underwater or in atmospheres that are flammable; And as I have mentioned earlier, flashlights are a great source of light in place of no real light during power outages.
Of course, in the case of flashlights, one cannot have one without the proper accessories-Accessories such as colored plastic cones slipped over the lens as well as colored lenses that are placed over the end of the flashlight are used, basically for signaling. There also happen to be marshaling wands, a different kind of flashlight, and they are used frequently to direct automobiles at night, as well as airplanes.
Flashlights come in many shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, such as a medical penlight, driving lamps and headlamps.

And yes, for bookworms such as myself, one has got to carry a book lamp; Or, for those of us who have smartphones, there happens to be a flashlight somewhere on almost every phone.
And so, that is all you need to know about the flashlight, so be happy that you have one of the most important tools of the house; Just be careful not to trip in the dark when getting a flashlight in the dark…(OUCH!!!) …sorry…

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